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Sunday, June 6, 2010


You already know how I feel about housework.
I've told you before how I hate, hate, hate it !
So I won't go on about it any more.

However ..........

today when I was  up to my elbows in trying to remove layers of grimy dust from my kitchen shelves I was inspired with a topic for today's post.
You see I have three little shelves in the corner of my very modern kitchen
 and there I display my collection of teapots.

So here they are, all nice and shiny clean !

They are all gifts from my SIL.

She found this cute Adam and Eve one in an Op Shop

This is my everyday teapot - rarely used as I'm a black tea, teabag sort of girl !

Gifts from students !!!

I think they add an element of fun to my kitchen.



  1. Oh what a lovely teapots Helsie!! They look great in your cupboard ..love the little dark red one...
    greetings Francien.

  2. They are lovely, Helsie. I love the thatched cottage, the duck (although can't see if it's a teapot or not), the watermelon and the little red one. I wonder if that one was a present from a class.

  3. I know what you mean about housework! Love your collection of teapots. Thanks for your comments on mine and in reply to your question - I don't know where my daughter is just now but last I heard she was near Townsville and heading north! I am hoping no news is good news as always - who'd be a mother?!


  4. They are adorable! I love the frog teapot!
    Have a lovely week now that you are done your housework!

  5. Wow what a collection!
    I love the Teacher one, that must be very special to you Helen,
    Hugs Sue
    P.S. Hair fine now, many thanks for your comments! Shes redone it! x

  6. What a cute little posting. Sooooooo, glad they are all shinie and clean. I love the feel when those things that sit there and collect dusty get a good washing.

    I'm a black straight tea gal myself.

    By the way, the first is my fav. Use those colors for your next quilt. It would turn out spectacular.


  7. They say a bit of housework won't kill you, but why take a chance? :D

  8. Love the frog one and the nudie one especially.

  9. Housework, what housework - one of the perks of living in PNG - House Mary (Stephanie) does it all!
    Love those quirky teapots!

  10. People just don't use teapots any more do they? which is such a shame. Yours look very pretty as a collection and I am glad you use one!

  11. PS Have just had a text from my daughter and she is in Cairns - going diving tomorrow and has a new job to go to somewhere near Bunderberg wherever that is! I am a happier bunny now I have heard from her as you can imagine! Thanks for your interest.