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Thursday, June 10, 2010


After an enormous amount of trouble changing my header tonight I have finally fixed it via Tony's computer.
I can't work out what the problem is but it could just be that my computer is fast reaching the end of its capabilities and I NEED a new computer !!!

Finally tonight I bring you my big TA-DA.

Yes, my quilt is finally completed !!
Yah !!

Here it is.......

It has now taken up residence in my bedroom.......

where it looks very pretty.
Now I just have to finish the other pillowcase!



  1. Beautiful quilt, congratulations. Very pretty colours.

  2. Absolutely LOVE it, Helen - well done! May just have to commission one of these (or learn how to quilt!)

  3. Well done , it looks really beautiful, especially on your bed. Yellow and blue is so fresh and pretty.
    Louise x

  4. You do have patience!
    It looks very pretty on your bed. I need a new computer to and keep nagging hubby!

  5. Oh wow! Helen its gorgeous. Everything matches and its beautiful!
    I've just changed my lap top. I am amazed at how everything is so much faster, and Im not getting problems now.
    Hugs suex
    Best of luck with the crocheting when you begin!
    Hugs suex

  6. Well done M'lady- nice work! I like the yellow/blue combo, very Springlike.
    You must be very proud!

  7. Helen, your quilt is absolutely lovely! Isn't it such a wonderful feeling once the last stitches and the binding are done?

    You deserve the "ta-da' moment.

  8. Helen, your quilt is fantastic - I love it!! What a work of art you must be so proud. I love the way it matches your bedroom so lovely and fresh and restful the blue and yellow really well done. Love your bedside cabinets too. Really pretty room. x

  9. It is absolutely beautiful, Helsie.

  10. Congratulations Helsie, the quilt is gorgeous and surely worth all that hard work a million times over.

    I love the photos of the sky in your previous post - those clouds look so unusual, very textural.

    Have a lovely weekend, England have just scored a goal in the footie so fingers crossed!!

  11. Thanks everyone for your encouraging words.It's great to have you all here cheering me onin all that I do.

  12. The quilt is marvellous - you have done well. Bet you have a big grin on your face every time you look at it :-) I would

  13. Very pretty Helsie! Our Master bedroom is yellow and blue too!!!! We must think alike.