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Sunday, June 13, 2010


Well it's the Queen's birthday holiday weekend.

Why do Australians celebrate the Queen's birthday?

Australia is a member of the Commonwealth Realms. It is an organisation of mostly former British colonies that recognise Queen Elizabeth II as their monarch. Australia achieved legislative independence after the Australian parliament ratified the Statute of Westminster in 1942, back-dated to 1939.
However, the Queen is still the monarch of Australia.

Why we celebrate her birthdayon the second Monday in June when she was born on the 21st April I don't know but I guess it is all about spreading out the holiday weekends.

We already have ANZAC Day (25th April ) and May Day ( first Monday in May ) .

So a long weekend in June it is and a lovely time of year for a holiday.
In Brisbane everyone is out in the parks in the winter sunshine.

Well there are groups of people down by the river !

and picnicking in the bandstand....
and lots of shoppers in the City Pedestrian Mall.

Brisbane City has kept the facades of the old buildings and built new buildings and shopping centres behind them.

This fine building used to be the State Treasury Building.

Ironically it now houses Brisbane's casino !!!

Today we made a rare visit to the city.... to window shop, then stroll down to Riverside for a late bite of lunch.

Can't say we were impressed with the food at a well known coffee shop at Riverside.
Look at the avocado that was served up to us as part of the dish.

When we complained the staff just agreed that it was not up to standard then went on with their work.

We won't be eating there again!



  1. Traditions are worth keeping although the reasons for some of them are lost in time!

  2. I agree.... and I think it is important that we preserve our connections with the UK.

  3. The skies have been very busy this weekend, with displays of jets and veteran planes during the Queens celebrations. They flew over our county in the way to Windsor.
    That avocado is horrid, I would have complained too. Who on earth put that on the plate and thought "yes, that will do nicely!".

  4. Yeuch! I hope you didn't have to pay full price for your meal. What a shame. Traditions are definitely worth keeping. They keep us linked in all sorts of ways. Enjoy! Ros

  5. You get a holiday on the queen's official birthday!!! Hey, why don't we get one? That's just not fair at all :o(

    Sue x