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Wednesday, June 9, 2010


This is the sky I saw this afternoon as Tony and I went for a walk .

The clouds were so high and there was obviously a bit of wind up there sweeping them across the sky.

The sun sets early in Winter

about 5:15pm.



  1. Fabulous photos Helen, the sky is like a constantly changing portrait.

  2. How lovely Helsie. 5.15 is late for us in winter as we lose any daylight before 4.00 but then we do have our lovely long summer evenings - we are approaching our longest day now and on a fine day it's light till gone 10.00! I love too the twilight we get here and really found it strange on holidays further south that one minute it was light and the next darkness had fallen. Isn't it interesting how the world is so different in so many ways - vive la difference eh?!


  3. That is one thing I dislike about winter...the short days and long nights. We are amazed with the long, long days here in Alberta and British Columbia. The sun not even setting until long after 10 PM at night. The days will be even longer in Alaska. Hubby wants to visit some surrounding sights tomorrow ...he was mentioning 200 miles round trip...we will go in the truck and leave the house {RV] at the RV Park. I think I better pack a lunch for us in the morning. Lovely night sky..enjoyed your photos.

  4. Great sky. Looks like a bunch of cotton balls. Glad to see you and Tony got out for an evening walk. Nothing better on a nice evening than a scroll.


  5. That sky looks amazing. Yes, just like lots of fluffy white cotton wool balls. Hope you enjoyed your walk. Ros

  6. Your sky photos could win more awards Helen really lovely! I just checked out your previous post and I adore the lovely teapots. x

  7. Beautiful sky. How nice of you to take some shots for us!
    I'm pleased you are getting some fresh air!
    Hugs Suex

  8. Hi Helsie, Just visiting for the first time. Isn't this type of sky referred to as a 'mackerel sky?