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Monday, March 1, 2010


Have a look at this lot!

Yes, I've been doing the grocery shopping.

Can you believe the amount of time we spend on food   .....

buying it,.......
preparing it,..... cooking it, .... storing it ,


and it costs more and more every day.

When we were overseas a couple of years ago in the UK and USA and Canada we noticed how much cheaper food is in those places.
It must have something to do with volume of sales and also competition.
Our population is just too small  to create enough profit without high prices. Not enough volume of sales.

Plus we really only have two major supermarket chains and they control the prices.

Then there's meat .

Aussies love their meat.

$8.80 for 5 lamb chops !

I wonder how that compares with the UK.

That's about 5.25 GBP and $8USA  although I don't think they eat a lot of lamb in the USA

It will be interesting to compare prices when we shop for food at the local supermarket while we are staying in our French gites.



  1. Lamb is very expensive here too. I'm not well up on what it does cost, come to think of it, but I know I rarely buy it because of the expense. £1 per chop probably isn't far out, maybe it's even worse. Daft, considering the woolly things are all over the place.

    So you like pickled beetroot, do you? So do I. Love it. I can't make out quite a lot of the things but I do see baked beans, which are a great Brit staple. Cruskits ight be crisps or crispbread, and is that salted peanuts? mmmMMMMmm....

  2. Oh yes Foody beetroot is an Aussie staple. You can't have a hamburger without beetroot on it! Ours tastes a bit different to yours - much sweeter. The Cruskits are a type of crispbread and the nuts are cashews. Thought I'd make the kumera ( sweet potato ) noodle salad for the visitors one night when we BBQ.
    I have a lovely pumpkin ( squash ) bake my cuz loves too. That's another thing Aussies love- pumpkin. Fantastic roasted - roast lamb is also a fav....I could ( and often do !!) go on and on and on........

  3. Aha Foody beat me to it, I knew she would like this post (smile).
    I love the sound of sweet potato noodle salad, would your Cook share the recipe?

  4. Yeah, the lamb over here seems to be getting really expensive as well as other meats - I have been buying cheaper cuts like brisket to slow cook during the freezing weather. Your friends are gonna have fun visiting you! **Kim**x

  5. My butcher was telling me the other day that the price of lamb skyrocketed during the BSE scare and never came down. I don't know what the price is now but it is expensive. My shopping bills are horrendous but I buy organic which, in most cases, puts the prices up. Oh well ...

  6. Kath
    You can find the recipe here
    Because these noodles are crunchy you have to eat the salad in one go -no left overs- as the noodles go soft in time. So pour the dressing on and toss just before serving.

  7. Please share the pumpkin bake recipe. Pumpkin gets used a lot around here. Its not only the meat that is dear, can you believe the price of chicken now!!!

  8. Before I retired I used to work for a company called Mintec. (Management Information Technology). We used to monitor the prices of thousands of commodities from all over the world. Even now I am retired I can't get out of the habit of checking prices. The supermarkets must hate me! Foody is right, here two Lamb chops would be about £2.... but only for Best British Lamb. NZ lamb is much cheaper. Beef here seems expensive and pork at the moment the best buy.