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Thursday, March 18, 2010


I don't know about you but sometimes I can't think what to post about.

Haven't done any clever craft work,

or been anywhere interesting,

or done anything interesting.

Recently I was tripping around Blogworld, visiting friends of friends of friends

when I came upon an interesting challenge.

The challenge was to go to your My Pictures file.

Pick the fourth folder and the fourth picture in that folder and write about it.

Now of course it may be that you come across a photo that is of a person and not something you want to put on the internet. Then you might just have to pick any photo from that folder and post about it.

So that's the challenge:

The 4th photo in the 4th folder  in your My Pictures file. 

So here's mine.

This noble looking bird is a Laughing Kookaburra.
This photo was taken one morning in our Jacaranda tree.

He is a member of the Kingfisher family and a carnivore. He eats snakes , lizards, grasshoppers and such.

He's somewhat of an Australian icon and his loud cackling laugh often wakes us up in the morning if we are lucky enough to live somewhere  where there are plenty of tall trees.

The chuckling voice that gives this species its name is a common and familiar sound throughout the bird's range. The loud 'koo-koo-koo-koo-koo-kaa-kaa-kaa' is often sung in a chorus with other family members.

The Laughing Kookaburra is not really laughing when it makes its familiar call. The cackle of the Laughing Kookaburra is actually a territorial call to warn other birds to stay away.

A kookaburra kills its prey by bashing it against a perch.

Kookaburras are found predominantly in the eastern part of Australia.
Average size: 42 cm
                                                                  Average weight: 340 g

Australians love kookaburras and often feed wild birds that come to their gardens.

photos from Google

They have been known to steal meat off the BBQ!

OK now your turn.

Will you take up the challenge?



  1. Well, my fourth of the fourth turned out to be a picture of my dad in a bath in the middle of a cow field!
    And I posted that up yesterday LOL.
    The other problem I had with this is that I nest lots of sub-folders. So it wasn't that easy to identify the correct one. A nice idea though, when you stuck.

  2. We used to sing a song at school:
    Kookaburra sits in the old gum tree-ee
    Merry merry king of the bush is he -e
    Laugh, kookaburra, laugh, kookaburra,
    Gay your life must be.

    It has a slight resemblance to a kingfisher although it's obviously not exclusvely a river bird, or shy.

    OK, I'll put up my 4th of 4th.

  3. Yes, we used to sing that song too. I looked in my 4th folder and I have shown all those photos already. Maybe I will go to the 4th book on the 4th shelf and see what's on the 4th page!

  4. We used to sing that song as well - nearest I have ever got to Australia! Im off to check the fourth file - will get back to you **Kim**x

  5. Hi Helen, have just prepared the challenge photo and have posted it to my blog to tomorrow - thanks for the interesting challenge have a great weekend! **Kim**x

  6. I'm off to check my pictures folder but like Uncle Bernard I use sub-folders, so then it gets technical, so wait and see
    love to hear the kookaburra laugh - old saying that rain is on the way when they laugh. I also love hearing toddlers imitate them - always brings a laugh or a smile

  7. This is a really good idea Helen, i'll give it a try.
    I'm wondering whether you got my mail yesterday?
    I couldn't blog much yesterday, but I sent a quick email to say your beautiful squares had arrived!
    I've already planned them.
    Thanks so much Helen. I'm pleased you are taking part.
    Love to you and a good weekend Suex

  8. I too know the song, but, this is the first pic I've ever seen of the bird. It's a pretty bird.
    My fourth folder fourth pic is extremely boring and so I don't think I'll bite on this one.
    Have a great weekend and happy fall to you!

  9. Hello Helsie
    We know lots of the same people and both belong to SIBOL so I thought i should say hello. I'm going to have a little look around your blog now xx