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Thursday, March 11, 2010


Yuk, I'm peeling!
I don't know if you noticed in the photos, but on the first day at the beach I got sunburnt.

I know I should know better after all these years.
I should have remembered that you get worse sunburn on cloudy days.
But it was so interesting sitting there on top of the sand dunes watching the Surf Carnival that I forgot!

The races were exciting...


and so by the time we went back to the unit I looked like a


 So now I'm itchy....
and my back and my legs are peeling


By the way don't you love the finish line?


PS. Looked up peeling and found this.

Why do you peel after a sunburn?

Peeling after sunburn is your body’s way of getting rid of damaged cells. This is necessary because cells damaged by the sun are at risk of "losing control" and becoming cancer. Due to this danger, all damaged cells are instructed to commit suicide by repair mechanisms within these cells. This mass suicide of cells results in whole layers of damaged skin peeling off, to be replaced by other cells underneath those layers.
I told you it was yuk !


  1. My Husband is Irish, so I know all about sun burn!I thought you would have got your ladies maid to rub you down with something :D

  2. Love the drawings, particularly number 3 !!!! There are a couple of interesting photos in the previous post too !!

  3. I'm just loving these beach photos! Thanks for your post too on SIBOL!
    Sunburn is horrible.
    Hugs and Love Suex

  4. When you peel, you get nice smooth tanned skin underneath (.... eventually).

  5. iCKS!!!!!!

    Sorry, about the burn. Can't say the same here. But, keep posting pics of the boys.

    Hugs from a rainie beach today,
    Kate - The Garden Bell

  6. "commit suicide" - love it. Whoever wrote it has a wonderful sense of humour.
    Why, oh why, do we always forget on cloudy days. Cause I do the same thing. And I get a "Rudolph" nose very, very, very easily

  7. Well I'm looking forward to the smooth, tanned skin that Foody has promised..... even if it is on my back !!!!