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Tuesday, March 2, 2010


My cousin and her husband arrive tomorrow for a short visit and we're off to the beach.
Not just any beach
Broadbeach at the Gold Coast
No Surfers' Paradise for us - too touristy and full of Night Clubs these days.

We are going to stay here

for   nights!

I've been looking forward to it for ages - since we stayed there at this time last year.

The unit is absolutely gorgeous...
big bedrooms,
glorious views of the coast,
3 pools - hot and bubbly, medium and cold.
 Cross a small service road and you are on one of the world's greatest beaches with white sand and
blue, blue water that  s t r e t c h e s  for miles.

And Lifesavers to watch over us while we swim.

Last year while we were there we went to the top of a new building called Q1.
The 5th tallest residential building in the world

From the top the view of the Gold Coast was incredible.

Beautiful beaches stretching in both directions.

Those tall buildings don't look so tall from up here.

As night began to fall the lights made it all so pretty


So I'm off for a few days.
When I come back I'll have some more lovely sunny,  beachy photos for you.



  1. Have a brilliant time Helsie - love the life guard piccie!!!! made me smile! **Kim**x

  2. Fab. Have an absolutely wonderful time. Just look at all you can do. Can't wait to hear your "tails" of the journey. What a fun time it looks like you will have.

    Awoke to a morning rain storm pushing through. But, to be honest. It was nice to just roll over and FINALLY get a few extra minutes of snooze time.

    Take lots of pics to share.

    Travel On-
    Kate - TGB

  3. I'm not jealous - much!!!

    Helsie, have a wonderful, relaxing time at Broadbeach - I like the sound of a hot, bubbly pool but no doubt you will be seeking out a cooler one!!

    I look forward to seeing lots of photos!

    Jeanne x

  4. I'm coming over, who wouldn't with those gorgeous hunks!
    OOh, we're naughty, getting you knitting just before your hols!
    Hugs and lOve Suex
    Happy Hol Both of you!

  5. Looks fabulous. Have a great time, as if I really need to say that ... x

  6. Have a lovely, lovely relaxing time! The photos are fabulous. Thanks for sharing them. Feels like I am having a kind of holiday from my sofa :) Have fun! Ros

  7. Have a great time Helen, the weather (if it clears up) should be just perfect this time of year

  8. Wish I could come along too! And what hunks for lifeguards (as we say in USA)! Have lots of fun in the sun.

    Teacup Lane (Sandy)

  9. Hope you have a wonderful time. Lovely photos. I look forward to more. Nice beach hunks too!

  10. i hope you have a great time and enjoy! i can't wait to see all the photos and by the way - omg those guys are yummy!