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Wednesday, October 2, 2013


Yorkshire Pudding has recently posted about his Stats and listed his ten most popular posts so I thought I would have a look at mine. 
These two are by far my most popular posts having nearly double the number of visits than any other post.
10. Absent
Looking at these posts makes you wonder what has attracted people to the post.
Is it to do with the title?
I have to think so as one of mine has a misleading title about depression and has attracted a lot of interest - more than the post probably merits.
Some of the posts I've written in the past and thought were good ones have hardly rated in the comments and visits. You just can't pick it can you.?
In the weeks ahead I'm going to look back over my blog and pick a favourite for each year to promote and see if they are more popular now.
I'd be interested to know which are your favourites on your blog if you'd like to join in.


  1. I too have wondered why some posts seem to attract so many comments and viewings and others less. My most popular one by far is one called Dorset buttons which has had 1482 views and second comes Les 4 chandelles with 651 and third is Bus pass boots and backpack 2012 with 548 - another post entitled post Christmas blues seems to have been popular too. I also wonder if a viewing actually means the post has been read or not as sometimes I view posts on some blogs and then don't bother to read them through. As always statistics can mean anything.

    1. I remember the Dorset Buttons one Jane and I think everyong loves it when you put on your boots and go off exploring. I'll have to look up Les 4 Chandelles but I think I remember it too.

  2. The weird flowers I don't understand at all why it would be most popular. Not that I didn't enjoy the pictures but I prefer things that have more meat if you know what I mean. I do understand the Wattle one. It is just great!

    Being male I had my doubts about "Depressed" until I got to the end. It was funny. :)

    I think "Absent" just proves people develop real friendships through blogging.

    Migaloo, Old Queenslanders, and Wattle are my favs.

    As for mine, I favor the serial story I'm doing now.

    1. Thanks for taking the time to read them all David.

  3. Ooh Ive never checked my most popular stats ...off to do that now!

    1. I wonder if your most popular posts will be the ones where you explained Australian terms. Don't remember when they were but they won me over as soon as I read them and I've been reading your posts ever since.

  4. Hi Helsie, well done. I will enjoy reading your nominated story from each year. I took my top 10 gadget off my page, i found that when I didn't blog the last post kept jumping up the list ~ not indicating it was popular, just indicating I hadn't updated my blog for a few days and people were just finding the same post over and over.

  5. I quite enjoy rereading some of the old ones myself Carol. It's nice to look back and see what you were doing.