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Friday, October 18, 2013


This is my brand new, lovely bed with a good firm mattress
recently purchased to ensure that the horrible back trouble I recently experienced will not happen again.

Isn't it pretty?

However a problem has arisen.
My quilt,
the first quilt I ever made,
 is a bit small.

Too small in both directions!

So I've been collecting material
(in blue and yellow of course)
to make a new bigger and better quilt.

It's going to be a "Dissappearing Nine Patch" quilt.

I've cut strips of material 4 inches wide and 12 inches long,
matched the colours in pairs and sewn them together.

Next I'll cut them into strips 4 inches wide and turn them into 9 patches.
I'll get two 9 patch blocks from this.

Here are some of the combinations so far.

I've found quite a few of very pretty materials -
 mostly from my favourite quilting shop in Hervey Bay


Well that's today's batch sewn.
Back to work pinning the next batch.
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  1. The original one looks fine to me! I hope you can work more quickly than me or you'll be 100 before you make a bigger one!!

  2. That sure is a pretty color of blue in your bedroom. I would not have thought to put yellow with it but it looks great! The new quilt is looking good. Hope all goes well putting it together.

    1. I'm only a beginner David and I'm not into complicated quilts. Time will tell!!

  3. Hervey Bay is a bit of a drive for fabric Helen :)

    1. My escape when it's nap time for the Oldies Carol !!

  4. Its a same the old quilt is too short, because it is so pretty. Your new one is equally as pretty, Can't wait to see the finished project. Happy sewing!!

  5. I cant get over how tidy your bedroom is :-D