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Thursday, October 17, 2013


None of today's photos are mine, they are all taken from the Internet.

The photos today speak  for themselves.

Terrifying bushfires are sweeping through huge areas of NSW bush

burning all in their path.

Firemen and women,

are all that stand between these awful fires and people's homes and possessions .

Putting their lives on the line in awful conditions.

Fighting blazes like this.

Not always winning the battle.

A huge pall of smoke comes in from the west

 to blot out the sun over Sydney. 

Terrible times.
Let's hope they are over soon
without loss of life.

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  1. Oh my, how awful, Prayers that the fires are put out quickly, and human life is spared.

  2. Praying that they are over quickly and that everyone stays safe.

  3. It is spectacular pictures - awful scenes! Looks like many brave people fighting the fires. That guy in the last picture I think is braver than I would be.

  4. Can't begin to imagine how awful that must be. Pray they are soon over and without loss of life.

  5. My son lives just outside Sydney, it is a big worry.

    1. Yes, everyone and they are facing a horror weekend too.