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Sunday, February 13, 2011


Firstly, Happy Valentine's Day.

We don't get too involved in it here, but I did buy Tony a couple of these....

just for the fun of it! ( hope he shares !)

:::::   :::::

I was visiting my friend Kate's blog and she was carrying on about a chocolate that was very special in Chicago called Frangos.

I thought as it was Valentine's Day, a day we associate with chocolate, that I might show you a couple of lollies ( you may call them sweets or perhaps candy but here they are lollies ) that I don't think are available anywhere except Australia.

The first one is my all time favourite.

It's called a Violet Crumble Bar.
 and when you unwrap it this is what you get !

The bar is a crumbly honeycomb substance coated in chocolate.

No, it's not the same as a Crunchie Bar!

The honeycomb is harder and much more like home-made honeycomb.


The second one is called a Cherry Ripe.
It is manufactured byCadbury Australia Pty. Ltd  and is Australia’s oldest chocolate bar brand, invented in 1924.
It is a mixture of cherries and coconut coated in lush dark chocolate,

Sorry, this is the only photo I can find to show you what they look like inside.

The bar with the stripes on it is the original and the one we all know.
The smooth one is a new version that is double dipped in dark chocolate - sounds OK to me !!!

So there you have it - two delicious chocolatey treats that are uniquely Australian

and   delicious.

Make sure you try them if you are ever down this way.



  1. Now you've made me very hungry for some chocolate Helen! My favorite chocolate bar is "Mounds" which is a white coconut filling surrounded by dark chocolate. It seems similar to your "Cherry Ripe" bar. My doctor has me counting calories to lose some weight so my chocolate intake is very limited now unfortunately. Happy Valentine's Day!

  2. Ditto Helen, I'm trying not to eat chocolate this week, thanks!!! You could have put a warning, lol!!!

  3. Foody is just going to love this Helen.
    Right up her street. :)
    Now me - I can't comment as I am not an eater of chocolates and sweets of any sort. I don't like sweet sugary things at all. Give me savouries any day. :)

  4. Hope you got at least one of those chocolate hearts Helen? I must admit that my tastes have changed over the years and though I love a square or two of good dark chocolate I don't seem to fancy the sort of bars you show nowadays which is perhaps just as well! Hope Tony gave you something nice too?


  5. She DOES love it, Bernard! The cherry one looks a lot like a bar we used to get called Ruffle Bar, which was a bit raspberry-ish.
    Thing is, I'm trying to cut down a bit too, (but not at weekends). I want to lose 7lb, (Yes, Bernard, that's half a stone this year too!)
    I seem to remember the Crunchie being harder when we were young. It probably wasn't. It was just our little teeth found it so.

  6. Oh Yum! That chocolate sure looks good! Have been back in Brissie 4 weeks and no chocolate - a record for me. BUT I have lost 4kg and can now fit in my jeans- ready for a holiday in a cooler climate.
    Hope you got one of those hearts Helen.

  7. Mmmmmmmmmm- cherry ripe - one of my faves.

  8. I haven't even finished my first cuppa this morning. Cuppa=coffee here... This was too fun to see what your sweets are. We always take forgranted and think the rest of the world has the same treats. Oooooops, I mean lollies....see we can learn something new everyday. I like your word better than ours. But, Lollies here mean something totally different. Lollies=lollipops or suckers on a stick. But, what ever we call them, I'm glad they only come into the G.B.s house once a year. Thanks for the linkie, sweetie.

  9. I am off sugar right now to try to lose a little weight but those really look good. It's a good thing you can't buy them here in Canada. I'll have to try them when I get to Australia though and of course there are no calories in them if you are on holidays, right?

  10. They look yummee! Bonnie if you cut them into little squares, it releases the calories, which fly away in the air :-D

  11. I was hungry when I came to your blog and now I am starving!!---for sweets! But I want some of Kath's sweets with no calories! That would be so great.
    Happy Valentine's Day

  12. Oh, yum! I'll do anything for chocolate!
    Happy Valentine's Day!

  13. My two fave chocolates!!! Pity Violet Crumble, an Aussie heritage, was sold to an American company :-(

  14. I always wondered what "lollies" meant. Looks like great Valentine's Day fare, espeically the double dipped in dark chocolate one!

  15. Ah good old Cherry Ripe! You can't beat it.