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Monday, February 14, 2011


Would you like to see my Valentine's Day gift?

Click HERE to see it.

He's one in a million isn't he?



  1. You've got a winner there Helen! He's a keeper. What an adorable e-card. Thanks for sharing with us...I sure did enjoy it.

  2. I just pee-ed my pants. I'm still in stitches. This is the funniest yet. Such a nice change for the hearts and normal Red and White today. I knew just knew there was some humor on that side of the pond. But, didn't know it was kindred spirit humor. Off to look at it again....

  3. This is awesome....what a man!!! So lovely to see a guy doing something special for his lady. Have a great day.
    Anne xx

  4. Great picture of the two of you. Great card! Thanks for sharing both!

  5. That is without doubt the coolest Valentine's Day Card I have ever seen. Kudos to Tony for sending it. So cute!

    He's a keeper - but I guess you already knew that!

  6. Brilliant what a man you've go there. I'm jealous!!


  7. OMG that is hysterical!!! You have made my day (or Tony has!) What a gem he is! You both suit the sixties get up - think you should grow your hair!!!! We were a Valentines free zone here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for the cheer up! xx

  8. Oh, you too have a lot of laughs, bless you both.

  9. That is priceless. I've just watched it with my husband, hopefully he's taken note!!!

  10. I look forward to watching it tomorrow when I can have sound in the privacy of my home.
    I do hope he shared those heart chocs with you.

  11. OOh how lovely is this! What a wonderful hubby you have there Helen!
    I really enjoyed it.
    Just so funny!
    Lots of romance left I think!!
    Whats your secret?
    Hugs Suex

  12. That was hilarious! And also very touching.

  13. What a soppy romantic Tony is! Hardly fitting the neanderthal Australian male stereotype. Why did you keep removing your top teeth during the video shoot? Try Dentafix!