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Monday, February 28, 2011


I love doing these Scavenger Hunts.
It's fun to search through your photos to see if you have anything that fits first ....

then work out how to fulfill the rest of the required photos.

OK, so here are my contributions for February.

1.  a bridge

This bridge is the newest bridge over the Brisbane River.
 It is a pedestrian only bridge meant to resemble the rigging on the tall ships of the First Fleet.
 I love it!

2. something with stripes

Well, sort of !

3. a musical instrument

A busker with his mobile piano near Notre Dame in Paris - taken on our holiday last year.
He could certainly belt out a tune and sang too !!

4. a big lorry / truck

These huge trucks ( we call them road trains ) , often with up to three sections, are used to transport livestock through the great distances of the Australian outback.
If you see them coming towards you, get off the narrow road and let them pass!!!
Taken by Sally at her friend's property near Cloncurry.

5.  a round clock face

This was the hardest one for me.
I wanted something a bit different and I've been searching through all of my photos trying to find a clock. This flower specimen was in the gardens between the old town and the new town in Edinburgh taken way back in 2004.

6. your shoes

My favourite ( and best !) sandals for Summer.
I only wear flat shoes even though Tony is 13 inches taller than me !!

7. a park bench 

Never miss a photo opportunity with the timer while we're on holidays!
Taken in the gardens of Hampton Court Palace, near London  in 2008.

8. a newspaper headline

Queensland 's had a bad year!

9.  a postbox

Australia Post at your service.

10. eyes

Dogs don't need to be able to talk.

11.  something heart-shaped

Some people have made serving coffee an art form.

12. something red

Irrestible !  from a country market in France 2010.

Can't wait to see what's on the list for March.



  1. I have the March list already. It includes roadkill, seal clubbing, a group of bankers drinking champagne to celebrate yet more bonuses, George W. Bush, rodent droppings, "The X Factor" and a can of Fosters' lager. Happy snapping Helen!

  2. Hi, thanks for your comment!

    I too am really enjoying scavenging! I'm taking all of the photos in the month, not reusing any and have been trying to make them a bit different if I can!

    I like your interpretation of stripes! The clock face is fab too! I'm excited about the new list, I can't wait for it (a bit sad eh?!).

    I love the car photo and the musical instrument - looks like we had the same idea for the angle on that one!


  3. You've put up some great photos Helen they have been really interesting to your blogger friends.
    Thanks for the kind comments on SIBOL TOO!
    hUGS sUEX

  4. ANONYMOUS to be reported to Sicilian hit squad.

  5. It's great seeing all the variations... I love your heart shot ! inspired. Also the musical instrument is wonderful & I'm fairly sure I can tell what your dog is saying ! Lovely photos.

  6. Contrary to the comment by Anonymous( which I have removed ), all the photos in my Scavenger Hunt were taken by me or a member of my family!

  7. I'll second that Helsie ! Anonymous is a turkey.

  8. Helsie what a great selection, you did so well!

  9. Incredible strawberries photo! The clock and the musical instrument were great choices! So much fun, and I'm excited about the March challenge. Plus, I've branched out to meet so many new blog friends! Have a great week!

  10. Great selection of photos! I love your coffee and stawberries photos and that clock is amazing. Like the busker with his piano, too:)