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Monday, November 1, 2010


Thanks to Kate over on the lovely blog Harmony and Rosie.
She has passed this award on to me.
The condition of excepting this award is that I have to tell you seven things you didn't know about me.
I actually found this quite difficult to do but here goes.

So here are seven obscure things you didn't know about me.

1. My star sign is Pisces but I don't seem to fit the profile and the stars in the paper and magazines never work for me.

2. There were 14 children in my mother's family and 4 in my father's so I have LOTS of cousins. Most of them live in Australia but there are a few scattered all over the world  - well in the USA and the UK to be more precise. ( There are quite a few I wouldn't know if I passed them in the street  too !!)

Here's one side of the family at my grandmother's ( the one that had 14 children !) 100th birthday

3. I can't touch type for the life of me. I've done online typing courses but they bore me so much I fall asleep at the keyboard! So it's two finger typing for me I'm afraid.

4. I think I'm tone deaf! Is that what you are when you can't hold a tune ? I think I've got worse as I've got older and more self-conscious. Pity 'cos I like to sing along - pity for everyone in hearing range that is!

5. My maternal grandfather was born in London and other ancestors came from Ireland. None from Scotland. Shame, as I love all things Scottish - haggis, tartans, shortbread and especially  bagpipes ( they make me cry )

6. I have two ancestors who were transported to Australia as convicts.  The female ancestor 's crime was stealing a dress and pawning it. The were sent to Tasmania and moved to Queensland when they had served their sentence.

7. I snore! Yes I do! I confess. Sometimes I can hear myself !!!

Well there you are . Seven silly things you didn't know about me and possibly wish you hadn't heard of them now.


Oh I forgot! I'm meant to pass this on to five ( or six !) other bloggers so I'd like to pass it on to :-

Jane from Marigold Jam
Kath from Hillside Cottage
Kate from The Garden Bell
Maria from Aussie Maria
Marg from Sunshine, Paradise
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If you don't want to take part in this please just ignore this, I know some bloggers don't do awards and that is fine by me.


  1. They are 7 very interesting things, I've learnt about you and your family.
    14 children, ouch, I can barely cope with one!
    Thank you very much for thinking of me to pass on the award, I've had it previously, but I always enjoy seeing peoples 7 responses to this award.

  2. It's always good to learn more about the friends one makes via blogging. Interesting to hear about your ancestors too especially your maternal grandfather - my paternal grandfather was a Londoner too as was my father.

    Thank you for choosing me for an award - I have had it before though so am not sure I can think of 7 more things anyone would want to know!


  3. Loved reading your seven things. What a huge family, I do hope you don't need to buy presents for them all at Christmas though. Our family is really small and I always feel a little sad about that when lots of my friends are having great big gatherings. Have you delved any deeper into your convict ancestors, that would certainly make interesting reading, I watched a programme on the TV recently about it and it was fascinating stuff!

  4. Loved your 7 things Helsie! (I'm tone deaf too!)

    Thank you for thinking of me to pass this award onto. That's very sweet of you.

    My grandmother was one of 13. She was the 4th oldest and the last of them to pass away 2 years ago. Back in the day people had BIG families. Oh and in genealogy having convicts in your family is very trendy.

  5. Well thankyou kindly Helen!
    I love the Pisces embroidery, did you do that yourself, can you show it to us?

  6. No Kath, I'm not that clever. The Pisces clip is from a beautiful quilt at the recent Quilt and Craft Fair.

  7. Thank you so much for the award Helen. Unfortunately I don't "do" awards.
    My Dad was one of 14 and my Mum one of 8 - there are family members I have never met AT ALL and most I would not know passing in the street - not a close family
    I too have convicts who were sent to Tassie - four of them. The Tassie ones travelled around as their descendants ended up in ALL states and territories of Australia's mainland

  8. Bagpipes make me cry too, but probably for a different reason. When I hear one, I wish I were tone deaf.

    Fascinating post.