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Thursday, November 18, 2010


Yep , it's Friday again so time to link up with Mrs Pyjamas for FFF.

I have posted once before about today's favourite thing here but that was long ago before I came to know a lot of you so I'm posting again today because they are such a strong favourite.

Today's Favourite Things are ....

mangoes ! 

Nothing beats a beautiful, ripe  Kensington Pride or Bowen Special


At this time of year they make their appearance in the shops ...

or on suburban trees ( if you are lucky enough to have one in your backyard )

Last week we bought a case of 18 ( for $18 !) 

so I have started my day each morning with half of one of these

and finished the other half for dessert each night.

Bliss !



  1. Beautiful mango's. I'm not a great fan, but my guy makes this mango chili that is really, really good.

  2. I've had mango just once and rather enjoyed its unique flavor. I've never seen a mango tree, so I thank you for including the pic in your post. What a fun favorite thing.

  3. Nmmmm nmmm nmmm! I can just taste that now. In our supermarkets we only have one type, never seen different varieties before.
    They make marvellous fruit juice as well. I mango and one canteloupe melon is just the best drink ever!

  4. Only ever seen in the shops here and not on the tree - not something I have often as they are expensive. Fancy having a whole box of the things! Reminds mne of when we lived in France and used to buy boxes of peaches quite cheaply whereas here in UK they are more often sold singly. We do have apples here though!!!


  5. I tried a mango for the first time this summer. It has a unique, sweet flavor. I can see why it would be a favorite. The mangoes in your snaps are gorgeous! I don't think mine looked like that! LOL Thanks for sharing. Happy FTF! :o) Larri

  6. Yum... who cares if you are recycling a delish-ly sweet treat again. I for one, vote that we can always see a repeat like this over and over. Remember, we are heading into the bitter cold winter here. So, keep'em coming. I feel like a smooth-ie right about now.

    Happy Weekend Wishes,

  7. "Go! Man, go."
    Actually, my favourite way of eating these is when they are made into chutney and served up with Cheddar cheese. :)

  8. Can't say I like mango's there is something about the after taste that I don't like. But my kids are nuts about them. We are getting quite a few down here now and they are coming down in price (I suppose you can buy them by the kg we have to buy them individually and I managed to pick up a couple $2 each and I thought that was a bargain. Don't tell me how many were in the case
    Great FFF.

  9. I never used to like Mangoes, partly because once upon a time you could only get the ones that tasted like you had just eaten turpentine. We are so lucky (and spoilt) here as the mangoes are absolutely beautiful these days. When I was in Fiji recently, I tried the mangoes there and they were the old variety that tasted like turpentine. One of the many benefits of living in Queensland, the new varieties are so sweet and juicy, I love mangoes now.

  10. Yummy! I love mangoes. I don't love cutting them from the stone though. Maybe there is a special way of going about it that I don't know about. The taste is worth the messiness though. have a lovely weekend. Ros

  11. We are mango fans here! Don't have a tree but the neighbour does and hubby gets given boxes over the season. They store cut up in the freezer really well!

    I remember those turpentine ones as well and I am sure thats why Billy doesn't like them....too many as a kid!

  12. I can count the number of times I've ever had a bite of mango on one hand. I liked it, but there must be a trick to knowing a ripe mango, because the one time I bought one in the store, it was kind of hard and flavorless (and thus disappointing). I'm willing to try again!

  13. Mr. P loves mangoes.

    18 bucks for 18 is a complete bargain! I am not a big fan but maybe I should try them again and see if I like them any better than I did when I last tried one 10 years ago.

    I love that you picked a fruit for FTF!

  14. Oh, I'm so jealous that you live in a part of the world where Mangoes grow fresh! I lived in Brasil for 18 months and loved it when the magnoes came in season. They were so delicious -- nothing like what we get in the supermarket here. I can completely see why this is one of your favorite things. Thanks for sharing.

    xo -El

  15. Mmmmm. I too like to see how food grows so was glad to see the mango tree.