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Saturday, November 13, 2010


Tonight we are having visitors
but it's cook's night off!

So we have a new cook taking over...

Yes, it's the man of the house .....
cooking his specialty.

Mushroom Risotto

..... from this recipe .

He adds a handful of roasted pine nuts and some frozen peas.

Yummmmmmm !


  1. Even more Yummmm if you didn't have to amke it. Glad you have got him well trained!!


  2. Way too go. You sure have Tony trained well. And one of our favorites. Can I send Scott over for a class. By the way, I noticed you cook with gas too, like us. Nothing better. I can't believe you found pine nuts. They are like gold over here. Last time I look they were 20.00 per pound.

    Enjoy your night off....better yet, make it the whole weekend,
    you know who

  3. Send him over! I'll play the tune "Man of the House" while he cooks!

  4. You'll never believe it, mushroom risotto is my husband's speciality too - must be a man thing!!

    Looks like he's cooked up a goodie!

  5. Yay ! To a night off. Hope you had an enjoyable evening.

  6. It's always great having a night off from cooking. Love risotto, I make a mushroom and spinach risotto. That looks delicious!

  7. Sorry Helen but I have never been a fan of risotto even though the plate you snapped does look tempting. Get him to roast you a nice plump wombat next week!

  8. MMmmmmm.... I love creamy, cheesy risotto!

  9. Hi I was reading Foodies blog and noticed your comment on foxes. Yes they are a problem here in the UK and like "yours" are coming into urban areas looking for food. Just this summer past twin baby girls were attacked in their homes by one in London, the fox had apparently come in through an open window and injured the babies in their cots. Thankfully the babies are on the mend. We have them around here in Ayr, and one time not long after moving here I heard them in the early hours playing in the field behind us, I wondered whatever it was! Then when we had our Border Collie I was out walking her when two cubs came out from a garden along by the river I don't know who got the biggest fright! them or me.