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Friday, November 5, 2010


It's time once again for Favourite Things Friday.
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Today my Favourite Thing is......

Being Retired !!!

Up until 2007 I had been teaching 11 and 12 year olds for about 14 years at the same school.

It was / is a good school and the students on the whole were nice kids.
Of course they weren't  ALL  nice kids but most were and I enjoyed my job very much and I have some very good friends from those years.
However Education is in a constant state of change in Queensland.
Constantly changing the curriculum,
the way things should be taught,
how things are taught,
what is taught (or not taught more to the point !)

New methods (Outcomes Based Education and Student Performance Standards to name but two ),
even when they have been proved unsuccessful overseas, are instituited and rejected every couple of years.

New methods of assessment that few understand are put in place so that parents never really know how their child is progressing.
In short I was feeling very disenchanted,
guilty that I was not delivering the type of education I believed in,
so when the government offered a retirement package for older, experienced teachers I was eager to accept it.

So now, when people ask what I do with my days, I answer :

" Whatever I want!!"

I've learnt to quilt and how to play Mahjong - both things I been longing to do for ages.
I have a lovely quilt on my bed that  I  made.

I play Mahjong with a lovely group of ladies who were patient and happy to include me in their group.

I've joined CWA and have a huge new group of friends whose company I really enjoy and who make working for charity fun and fulfilling.

We travel overseas when we can and in the last few years we've visited

Canada and Alaska,

had three months in England

and a month in France.

Then there are the days when we drive to somewhere like the Gold Coast for lunch ( last Wednesday) or some similar activity
or just faffle around here playing on the computer or reading a book.

Yep, being retired is definitely my favourite.


  1. I can't wait to, as you say, "Faffle" around! Alas, for now, I'll just have to live vicariously through you. Seems like Retirement really suits you. Thanks for sharing! Happy FTF! :o)

  2. You're doing exactly what you should be doing - enjoying your retirement!

    I still have a ways to go to get there, but, I hope to be as adventurous as you!

  3. I do so agtree! I also know what you mean about teaching these days. Keep up the good Faffling!

    Bet you will be glad to have your traveller home again safely and are looking forward to hearing all about it.


  4. I aDORe this posting especially this morning. Wow... and three pictures of my Tony..he-he.. Isn't retirement wonderful. Don't miss my day teach travel agents one little moment. I do miss the travel specials however.

    Thank you so much for your encouraging words last night. I have been in a sad funk with lossing very soon someone very special. So, you hugs were very needed and appreciated. You seem to be so wise and able to read between my words. But, not surprised as you were a teacher....

    Back to my Green-ie. Almost done. I so enjoyed see what you do with your time now. I so, want to learn mah jong.


  5. Isn't "whatever I want" a great phrase. I'm not able to retire, but because I do contract work I have been taking large chunks of time off in the last few years and love it.
    Like you, thats when I learned to quilt and I never ever get bored. Sadly, working at the moment, but not for long!!!

  6. Thanks for giving me, a still far from retirement quilter, a glimpse of what can be! I need it at the moment.

    I am sorry to hear that education isn't much different in Queensland than in the states.

  7. love it! I'm so happy for you, to be doing whatever you want.

    I love that you and your husband are able to travel - and, I can tell that you were a teacher, your writing is very concise and well done. As the parent of a 12-year old boy, I say "bless you"! :)

    It seems like the answer to education here in the US is simply to "throw more money at the situation". Obviously not too effective.

  8. Yay for retirement and being able to do whatever you want.
    As a parent of a child who is in her last weeks of Yr 12 in Queensland I hear you loud and clear.
    It looks like you have had a marvellous time already, and haven't wasted a minute.

  9. I'm at least 21 years away from retirement (unless they offer me a package.) I keep dreaming of the day it happens.

    You make it look so much fun. I'm so glad you're enjoying it . Trotting round the globe, getting together with your mates. Doing what you want when you want sounds pretty appealing.

    This was a fabulous FTF post Helsie. (even if I am a little jealous1)

  10. Retirement sounds like bliss...in your case! Love the quilt. May you continue to enjoy the good life...and the travels.

  11. I agree with you 100% Helsie! My favorite thing is RETIREMENT too. Hubby and I retired together - on the same day...1/31/2008 and have not regretted our decision one bit. We love getting up everyday now and doing just want we want. And if we don't feel like doing anything we don't. We have had time to take extended RV trips all over the USA including our 3 months trip this summer to Alaska. Neither of us misses work (well...we do miss the money..but that's the only thing). We finally have time to do some projects around the home including our latest... improving our curb appeal. We both have time for hobbies now. Hubby is setting up a model train set in the basement and having a ball and I'm into my crocheting and blogging and meeting lovely ladies from all over the world like yourself. Life is good.

  12. Retired is a long way off for me, but I can see it being one of my favorite things.

  13. I too have a long way to go until retirement and hubby has been threatened with all sorts if he is thinking of retirement.....I can't wait to have the house to myself occasionally and to be able to Do whatever I want!!

    Wonderful that you are enjoying the fruits of your labour :-)

  14. The quilt on your bed looks lovely Helen and how much better it must feel to snuggle under something beautiful that you yourself have made -rather than a shop-bought quilt. Sounds like you're making the most of your retirement and I fully understand why and how you became disenchanted with teaching. It should be rather simple but people who don't teach seem determined to complicate it all the time.

  15. Good for you! It sounds like you are living my idea of a dream retirement...quilting, having fun with great people, traveling, and relaxing. A recipe for a happy life if I've ever heard one. Love that quilt on your bed too.