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Tuesday, September 8, 2015


First stop this holiday is St Remy en Provence, a little town about half an hour from Avignon on the south of France.
St Remy is a delightful, very old town with a beautifully preserved centre contained by a tree lined ring road. The modern town sprawls out from this in all directions.
Entry into this inner sanctum is via old arched gateways on " roads" only wide enough for one car which then become pedestrian only  walkways.

Once inside the old town you find it is dotted with lovely shops and cafes.

It is a very popular place for holidaying Europeans and overseas visitors during the hot Summer months but most of those crowds have gone now and the weather is warm and pleasant so we are happy. 
We are staying in a little apartment in the Old Town - very old and quaint but comfortable and well equiped. 

After our long flight we are just relaxing and exploring the town for the first couple of days.
St Remy is famous for its connections to three very famous men - Nostradamus, the Marquis De Sard and Van Gogh. Van Gogh spent his time here in a asylum after he had cut off his ear and many of his paintings were painted here. "Starry Night" is one of them. 

One of our favourite things about France is, of course, the food and we are taking much pleasure in sampling it in lovely locations around the town in the little leafy squares which are often lined with cafes.

Here is some of it so you can have a virtual taste !

Our first crepe - sucre etcitron   - for morning tea

Dinner-Tony's lamb with potatoes, zucchini and eggplant

and mine - risotto with prawns and scallops.

After one mouthful we just looked at each other, sighed and said, " Ah, we're back ! "



  1. Both dinner plates looked sublime! After relaxing in St Remy, I wonder where you will be going next? I look forward to reading future posts about your latest French adventure.

    1. We have nearly two weeks here YP. We will begin to explore the area tomorrow.

  2. What a charming old town. I love the narrow curving streets. And your meals - oh YUM!

    1. Need to do plenty of walking Lorrie to walk off some of those calories !

  3. It looks like heaven. Food plus walking, and such lovely places to walk too!

  4. Remy, my male cat, is sitting here beside my keyboard...and his head is swelling rapidly now that he's learned about St. Remy. Oh! Dear! Now he will insist I call him that from hereon in!!!

    Everything and everywhere looks so enticing. I'm going to enjoy this holiday, I'm sure! :)

  5. You Remy is right to have a swollen head Lee. It's very lovely here and a great base for exploring if you can drag yourself away from the village .