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Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Hello my Blogland friends, I hope all is well in your world today.
Recently, as I have been flitting from blog to blog, I have read several posts about writing comments on people's blogs and about replying to those comments that have been kindly written on your own blog.

Through these "conversations" I discovered that a couple of my wonderful blogmates had been replying to my comments via email and I was not receiving them !

Oh no! I was missing out on vital communications !
I had no idea that this was even possible.

However, with the aid of these two wonderful ladies ( thank you Shay and Marg ),
I was finally able to remedy this situation and lo and behold there were others there replying to my comments too!!

So my friends
if you have been emailing replies to me and have had your kind replies ignored
I am truely sorry...

I have been sailing along
blithely unaware of your communications.

It's time I got my act together and reviewed my settings and my blog setup instead of coasting along with my head in the clouds.
I promise I will spend some time soon doing just that!



  1. Glad you now have an e-mail link for replies!

    Love those photos of the sea and the kookaburra (?)


  2. How cool ! Now we can chat all the time. Glad you got it sorted out.

    Lovely photos, and yes now you'll spend more time on the computer.

  3. You're welcome and so glad you sorted it out. I agree with Shay, now you will be spending lots more time on the computer.
    Lovely photos Helen.

  4. Happy Thanksgiving Helen! I set my blog up so that my comments also go into my email. Sometimes it is easier to reply from my email to someones questions or comments than go into their blog to do it. So I like it when bloggers set their blogs up with email. Anyway glad that you figured it all out.

  5. Helen, is that a Kookaburra? I have never seen one in real life?

  6. Hooray, glad you've got it sorted. You must have thought we were all really rude!

  7. Nice to know you won't be missing out on any correspondence in the future! I know I have tried to e-mail a response to commenters on occasion...and found there was no e-mail attached to their account.

  8. Kath:
    Yes, it's a Kookaburra. They are lovely aren't they? I love their big square heads. They are very territorial and set up a chorus of their loud laughing call from tree to tree ( or sometimes TV aerial to TV aerial!) very early in the morning.

  9. Very cool! I'm a talker so watch out. ;-)