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Friday, February 5, 2010

WHO'S A FRAIDY CAT ? or should I say dog?

It's 3 o'clock and there's a bit of rumbling going on.

The view over the back fence looks pretty dark.

The sky looks pretty ominous.

But what's this ?

Someone is hiding under the desk!

Someone doesn't like THUNDER !

It's a bit embarrassing being such a fraidy cat !!!


  1. Oh that face - those eyes in the last photo!! Poor thing. Our Bambi hates thunder too but her brother the Gold Medalist doesn't give a toss! Hope the storm soon passed?


  2. Poor little dog. I don't like thunder either!

  3. Oh poor little thing and look on the face!!! Im with the dog on this one - not keen on thunder! **Kim**

  4. awww i am scared of storms too!

  5. Nice place to hide!
    Hope good weekend for you Helen,
    Hugs and Love Suex

  6. Just read your last post Helsie and my heart missed a beat at the mention of Mt Tamborine - what a great place, loved it there!

    Those clouds look very ominous. Bless him for hiding under the desk (I'd probably be under there too!) Hope the storm passed without too much ado!

    Jeanne x

  7. Oh that is so cute, I bet you gave him a really big cuddle. We say 'scaredy cat' over here ..

    Kate x

  8. How could you not just love those eyes and let him hide where ever