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Monday, February 8, 2010


This is not news to me.

I've known for years that I hate housework.

It's never-ending, boring, you get hot doing it and when everything is clean and tidy ......

it all gets mucked up and dirty AGAIN !

I've just spent the morning cleaning shutters and blinds. YUK !

Shutters are not too bad and fairly easy to clean ...

and I love the look of them ...

but the window tracks ! ... YUK !!

Dead flies and other tiny insects, spiders and dirt ! YUK !

Then there's the Venetian blinds.. YUK!  YUK!  YUK!

Soooooooo  awkward to clean and sooooo dusty and dirty .

Well it's all done now.
I'm all hot and bothered.

It's time for a little of this.

 Yes that's Weight Watchers' Carrot Cake ...
 and coffee in my moose mug, a souvenir from my holiday in Canada.
( wish I was there now for the Olympics !)

Hope your morning was better than mine.


PS.      These just arrived in an email. How apt !!


  1. How karmish that the emails came through at the same time. I totally agree about venetians - I hated the ones we had as kids and refused to have them in my own homes

  2. How nice to know that your windows are all clean now and can be forgotten for a while though! Love that mug and Weightwatchers cake surely only works if you have just the one slice!!! However after all your hard work I am sure you worked off the extra calories.


  3. Jane, you could be right! Perhaps that's what I've been doing wrong !

    But one looked lonely on that big plate for the photo!!

  4. Only joking! I read somewhere that using a smaller plate was useful in weight watching as you feel as if you've had more if you have a small plate full rather than a large plate half empty! Can't say I've found it works though!!

    Not long now till your trip to France eh? Do let me know if you want any tips won't you.


  5. Shall I come over and be your maid Helen? I love housework, I have to clean from top to bottom every day.

    Now we can imagine you in that beautiful house, simply gorgeous, having your cup of tea and cake! Wishing we were all there with you!

    Thanks for your best wishes for the girls birthday. I know I don't know how I did it then, I don't know how I'm doing it now! Even at 23 they are hard work! Even harder after next Monday when Little Miss Twin (2) comes home. :) Looking forward to it though.
    Best Wishes Suex

  6. You and me both, Helsie. I detest cleaning. Why can't they invent self-cleaning houses?
    Nice bit of cake though.

  7. i don't like cleaning, but i sure like the feeling when it is all done and sparkly. yumm i love those little carrot cakes.

  8. Leave it to Mrs. Twins to want to come over and clean for you. Can she stop here on the way. I hate it too. I hate it so bad I had the blind put in between the glass on my new windows...yipee.... no more cleaning those babies.... It is always nice when it's all done and sparkling. Me, well, I just can't wait to open a window and let in some fresh air.

    Now, sit back and enjoy that W.W. cake..

  9. Yep, another one who can't stand cleaning. With two children it's bad enough having to do the tidying up and I wouldn't feel guilty about a couple of slices of cake, it's the least you can do. Not only have you burned off a bundle of calories but you've done some toning exercises too!

  10. Looks like you've got enough jobs for a round the world ticket Sue

  11. Just noticed how clean the house looks !

  12. Hi Helen, your house looks immaculate! I am not keen on housework either - it seems so pointless! you have to keep on doing it! and it wastes such valuable time which could be spent doing - well ANYTHING else!!!! I too like weightwatchers carrot cake - best of the bunch! **Kim** x

  13. Red Hots are NOT chilli, but Cinnamon candies.... I might have to put some in the mail to you.... They are usually in the cake baking aisle, but here at Valentine's Day they are with all the other candies. If you like Cinnamon you can't miss with this one.

    By the way, I just noticed the moose above..... Love it...Right up there in the CA mode for the V.O.s.

  14. I don't mind house cleaning because I love when everything is all nice and clean in my home. But I find I can't clean the whole house at one time anymore. I've slowed down and it's too much for me. When I retired I told hubby I wasn't going to spend my time in retirement cleaning so I have Merry Maids come every other week. I love when they leave and everything is clean. On the other hand I totally dislike grocery shopping. I'm ok once I am there but getting me to go isn't easy. Your house is lovely and I like your wood blinds. I have blinds in my kitchen window and they are a bear to keep clean. I have a fire going in the fireplace and my laptop on my lap as I type. The snow is still falling here. I can't wait to see it in the morning. They are closing roads around here now too. Unbelievable snowstorm. I just have to think of you down under with the hot weather.

    Teacup Lane (Sandy)