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Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Introducing Lady Helen and Sir Tony

Part of the kit that came with my Scottish plot for my birthday was a Deed Poll form so that, if I wished, I could legally change my name to Lady Helen.

This is the top part of the form.

In order to preserve my identity I have hidden some details and cropped the rest of the form but I'm sure you get my drift !

I got to thinking that, if I was going to all the bother of changing  my name by Deed Poll,
( which by the way I'm NOT !)
that I might as well go all the way and change it to a really Scottish sounding name.

I mean Lady Helen sounds great to me ...

but not really Scottish....

and if I'm to embrace my new heritage.........




and all.

Then I think I need a Scottish sounding name.

But   NOT   Lady Morag! 

I'm sorry, but I couldn't bear to be called  Morag!

So I'm asking for suggestions

Lady  Who ?

Can you help me out ?



  1. Lady Mairi? (pron. MAAHrry with long 'A' like the man's name Gary)
    Or Lady Mhairi (pron. to rhyme with Gary but as VAAHrry)
    Catriona, but pronounce it properly: Ca-TREE-on-ah (not Ca-tree-OH-na. That's wrong)
    Don't call yourself Agnes either. (pron. AG-niss). Looks nice written down and nice meaning but I think it's a beast of a name.
    You could google for Gaelic names.

  2. I can only think of Maggie!! and thats not very Ladyish. By the way - hubby has a very gorgeous looking knee!!!!!!! - and no sign of Daffodils yet, bit of greenery so hopefully not too long!!! **Kim**x

  3. I can see this is going to be difficult. A person needs to be able to pronounce their own name !!!

  4. OOh this blogging is such a laugh!When am I going to get any crocheting done? Seriously, I love the name of your blog!!! :)So good!
    The photo is wonderful. I just love the name.
    I remember when My Husband and myself visited Scotland years ago, we had Haggis one evening. Sitting there in the Restaurant the Haggis arrived with a salad,lettuce etc., There wriggling around on my plate was a little 'crawlie'. Yuck! We walked out.
    I love the photo of you both dressed up. I usually get my Husband to dress up in old Victorian clothes. Um, thats a good post! One day! Love to you Helen, hope you are having a good birthday week! Snowing here again!! 3.40pm.
    Hugs and Love Suex

  5. How about "Grizel" VBG
    It means "Grey Battle Maid"