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Sunday, May 7, 2017


As you know this year is the year of the cocktail.....at least for us it is !
We are taking our exploration of all things cocktail world wide. ( Doesn't that sound good ???)

So when we read about this place in Vienna we just had to try it.
It's called The Loft and it's on the rooftop of the Sofitel in Vienna.

Luckily for us it is only a block away from our apartment.
It really stands out on the skyline as dark begins to fall around eight thirty.

Now before you start to comment about the photographer having a couple too many I just have to say that these building are NOT SQUARE.
They are a strange shape, it's not my photography !

You can see the colourful ceiling of the bar from a distance.

and the closer you get the more magical it seems !

In fact the whole place is quite magical 

especially when they dim the lights and the city becomes a twinkling wonderland below you.

And the cocktails aren't bad either !!



  1. I want to go there! That ceiling is fantastic.

  2. Please don't tell us how much those cocktails cost. I would have heart palpitations.

  3. Correct, though not as expensive as a Singapore Sling at Raffles in Singapore YP. You only live once and we won't be back this way again. ( especially as we were fines 103:00 euros for not validating a 2 euro train ticket. Great way to treat tourists Vienna. !!!!!!!

  4. Have you left there yet, Helsie? :)

    1. Yes, moved on to St Wolfgang now Lee. Wait till you see this gem !

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