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Saturday, May 20, 2017


When you read online reviews of visiting Hitler's Eagle Nest - a gift ed holiday retreat that he actually rarely visited - you could easily be persuaded not to go there.
But we are probably not coming back this way again so we decided to brave the dreaded crowds and give it a try. 
We are so glad we did !

Getting there involved three buses from Salzburg- not difficult to negotiate with a bit of research - and a final trip up the last 124 m in a shiny brass ( walls and ceiling ) lift.

The final bus trip was up a one lane road in special buses with very special drivers. You go in a convoy of three or four buses at a time in a reserved seat 
and end up here.

No time to stop and look at the view....

though it is magnificent !

You race to book your return trip down on the bus in about 2 hour's time.

Then you head for the final bit of your journey - the lift.

124 metres along the tunnel - it's freezing cold and damp in there.
Eventually you come to the queue for the lift. The reviews said you can line up here for hours but we missed one lift and were first on the next in about ten minutes.

 The lift is all brass. Shiny gold walls and ceilings but for some strange no photos allowed here.
Another 124 metres up. Very fast !
And this is what greets you !

You are on top of the world up here. 
In the snow.
360 degree views.
Not cold.

No Eagles but a few crows riding the breeze.

But you're not quite at the top yet !
A path with steps and snow covered patches takes you up

higher and higher

with the view getting more breath taking with every step

till you reach the top .

Looking down on the Eagle's Nest.

The war must have felt a million miles away from this magnificent spot.

We took hundreds of photos

In all directions.

How could you resist ?

We had time to sit down here and have a bit of lunch.
Not an opportunity to pass up.

So we didn't!

Note no Aperol spritz. Not taking any chances with balance up here !



  1. What a stunningly beautiful place. The views are gorgeous.
    Anne xx

  2. How amazing are those views.Breathtaking.Thanks for sharing.

  3. Wow, that is spectacular.

  4. Anne, Barbara and Sue,
    Austria is proving to have scenery as beautiful as we expected. Off to more mountains but in Germany on Monday. Thanks for commenting.

  5. Well worth the effort. Fantastic out of this world views. Look forward to Germany!

  6. WOW!! what a fantastic trip! great views...breathtaking! xxx

  7. A great view, of that there is no doubt. Great photos, too, Helsie. :)