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Wednesday, May 10, 2017


When we arrived last Tuesday the weather was rainy.

Not the sort of rain we get back home that comes down strongly, a couple of inches in half an hour but the gentle, misty sort that makes you really wet because you don't think it's worth sheltering from.

Wednesday morning brought a bright sunny day and we set off to wander and get our bearings for a week in this pretty place.

Our apartment is in a 400 year old building that looks down on this little square with its trickling fountain-- a soothing sound when the window is open.

Just round the corner and down the hill and you come to the lake

Smooth this morning and blue, blue, blue.

The buildings are all in this style. Pure Austria !

Of course there are plenty of places for a coffee and cake or a drink.
(I can't believe the way they drink beer so early in the morning here !)

Walk in either direction along narrow laneways and you eventually come to water

With seating arranged so you can sit and soak up the sun - as they love to do - or laze in the shade - as we do !  - and gaze at the beauty of the scenery before you.

Here is a map of the area. Note St Wolfgang is right in the middle so we can explore in either direction.

We'll give it our best shot.

All that walking worked up a need for hot chocolate and cake. Strudel (again for Tony. He said it was the best one yet ) and rhubarbstrudelkuchen for me . ( better than strudel I think )

Walking in the other direction gives you a nice view back towards the village with the church at its centre.

There is very little traffic through the village and no parking so you park outside the village and walk in.

The late afternoon sun shines directly into this lovely place and it is soon filled with drinkers or people having dinner.
 This was about 7:30pm. 
They seem to eat dinner at our sort of time here not late as they do in Paris.
 We joined them for Weiner schnitzel served with buttered potatoes and cranberry relish

and wandered home as the light began to fade around 8:30.

No complaints here. 


  1. That looks so idyllic Helsie. I shall have to put it on my wish list.

  2. that looks lovely.I have never been to Austria

  3. Great scenery and all looks lovely. You will be going out on some exploring trips me thinks.