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Wednesday, May 31, 2017


After a bit of research we found the entrance to this converted railway line not far rom Bastille Opera House.
It was once an elevated railway line crossing the city but has now been converted to a garden walkway. It was the first one of these gardens but now there are others across the world such as the famous one in New York.

Not a promising stair case but once you reach the top that changes 

and a wonderful world of green vegetation peppered with glorious clumps of roses opens up before you.

This pathway is high above the roadway and when there is a break in the trees you can peek out into new neighbourhoods and gaze at the many lovely apartment buildings along the way.

Roses, roses everywhere

Sometimes, off to the side there are little parks made into fitness areas and you exit via a lift or stairs

and always ahead there is that lovely cool green path beckoning.

Or another beautiful building peeking through the trees

Of course there are places too to sit in the sun as Parisians love to do.

Then out of that hot sun again into lush cool green growth.

It's a great place for joggers and walkers getting their daily eexercise

Or mothers with their babies in strollers. 
The good level surface makes the going very easy.

Every now and then there is another small park off to the side 

Where workers can be seen lunching or just soaking up the sunshine.

Sometimes it comes back down to road level and goes through suburban shopping areas.

Sometimes it cuts buildings in two

Sometimes it passes through dark, damptunnels where bats are supposed to live.

Then this again. 

There are regular exits ..and even Public Toilets - a rarity in Paris !

Finally you come to the end

with a staircase to test your knees

and you arrive in the 12 th arrondissement 

With lovely buildings 

and flower decked roundabouts

and a Metro station to quickly whisk you back home.

Another Parisian treasure !



  1. Wow, what a wonderful discovery. I'm not sure that was there the last time we stayed in Paris.

    1. Think it has been around for quite a while Sue. It's a real treasure .

  2. What a lot of happy memories that post brought back of the times we have done that walk ourselves. Like London Paris has lots of lovely green walks to do - have you walked the Petit Ceinture another railway turned walking route?

    1. I was thinking of you as we walked it Jane ! I'll go and look up Petit Ceinture. Thanks for the tip. It's a bit too hot for me in Paris at the moment . 27 or 28 is too hot for walking and of course the Parisians are all. Sitting in the sun !!!

  3. Thanks for taking us on this wonderful walk Helen. I had never heard about this path. Are cyclists allowed on it? ...Great pictures again.

    1. Most of it was for pedestrians only YP though there were some places where cyclists have their own track. After dodging cyclists in Munich and Vienna we have had enough of them, the speed around are are quite dangerous.

  4. Enjoyable day time walk if you have time. I like buildings best when I am in Paris though with the odd garden, like Rodin's.

    1. I love the buildings in Paris too Rachel. Have been taking a few photographs of them and will put them up later but the green spaces that we have found have been so nice on these hot days.

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  6. Strolling through Paris with you I began to feel like Carrie from "Sex and the City" did when she first visited Gay Paree! :)

    A wonderful meander among beautiful surroundings...lovely photos, Helsie...thank you. :)

  7. Well I've been catching up with some of your posts and am in awe. So far as this post is concerned I'm delighted to see a piece of Paris that I didn't know existed.

  8. This is astonishing. At some points it looks like you are in the deep woods. Congratulations to everyone involved in the design and building. I lived in Paris for two summers so it is delightful to see this pretty walkway and the surrounding buildings.

  9. Hi there! I miss you in the blog world (which I, also, very rarely post to these days) and just wanted to stop by and say hello. I hope your spring is a lovely one, that your family is all happy and healthy. XOX

  10. Ditto Jan's comment above...where have you disappeared to, Helsie?

    I hope all is well with you and yours.