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Friday, August 2, 2013


This is a photo of this morning's late breakfast after an early trip to the fresh food market.

I have to confess it's not this

an Australian icon

but this !!!!

I feel a bit like a traitor when I admit that I prefer Promite to Vegemite.

Oh, I like Vegemite too.

We raise our children on the stuff and give it to them from a very young age.
In fact, I remember being instructed by the Maternal Welfare Nurse to give it to Sally in water
as a drink between feeds before she was 12 months old.
(I imagine today that's frowned upon because of its high salt content. )

 To be honest Vegemite is what we eat most of the time in this house, but occasionally, for a special treat, I buy Promite for me.

Tony won't even try it !!!

I feel positively un-Australian !

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  1. Come to the USA. I've never heard of either of these so no one will give you any flack. Ha! BTW what do they taste like?

  2. Love love both of them, but Vegemite is my favorite. Unfortunately it costs a fortune over here in the USA so it is a real treat.

  3. I don't know why I had not thought to ask you about Vegemite! I'm sure you have gathered from my earlier posts I'm a big fan of music and I once googled Vegemite because it is mentioned in the song...you know..."Do you come from the land down under..."

    Anyway, I think your Vegemite must serve like our peanut butter does. Most mornings I have a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for breakfast.

  4. Come off it Helsie, you know perfectly well that MARMITE is FAR SUPERIOR.

  5. It's Vegemite all the way for me. Dad and I use to banter all the time about Vegemite and Promite. He loved Promite but I find it too sweet, I like my salty Vegemite and had it on toast for lunch today. YUM!
    Anne xx

  6. I'm with Cro Magnon ! Here it is Marmite we all love or hate. Me I love it!

    Thanks for your e-mail - will reply soon.

  7. This Brit just adores vegemite and I eat it almost every day, so I guess that evens things up :-D

  8. Just dawned on me, Alex has never tasted Marmite!!!

    Soft boiled eggs and Marmite coated bread soldiers. Mmmm.

  9. Sorry - I just can't stand any of those Marmite things - ugh!!! :)

  10. Vegemite is great, you can have it on toast, in a sandwich, put it in home made biscuits, or grease the car with it!

  11. I like both - but if pressed to nominate a fave it'd be Vegemite.

    Marg doesnt eat Vegemite at all- THAT'S unaustralian!

  12. Never heard of "Promite". Is it made for ladies of a certain age? But I have heard of "Vegemite" which is a cheap imitation of our "Marmite". I'd always go for the real thing myself. "Marmite"- it puts hairs on your chest!

  13. Marmite aaaaalllllllllllll the way! Ros