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Thursday, August 15, 2013


Recently this photo appeared on Cro's blog.

He commented that it was to be found here in Oz and that the reason Australians ( and Americans ) have a bit of an obsession with these BIG items was probably because we didn't really have anything much that was OLD.

That's possibly true.
 ( although Carol reminded us that we do have the oldest living race of people, the Australian Aborigines ).

We certainly do seem to have an obsession with all things BIG as I found when I went off to research the subject.

We have a few super candidates right here in the Sunshine State.

Like these for example. 

We seem to be preoccupied by fruit !

Can you guess what this one is all about?

It is found at a place in North Queensland called Tully.
They have the highest amount of rainfall hence the huge gumboot and green frog !!

Moving south there is the Big Banana

and the Golden Guitar

in the country music capital of Australia.

Then there are the quirky ones,

the folk hero ones

famous explorers,

but most of all there are the animal ones


For some obscure reason people want to climb inside them !!

These are but a few.
If you would like to see more here is a link.

To finish up I give you two of the most disturbing of all. 

Someone has a twisted sense of humour !!!

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  1. Is that last one the dunnie? Ughh if so imagine sitting there with a spider that size just outside!!

  2. I love all the Aussie big things...just goes to show we have a sense of humour I think. My parents used to live near the Big Lobster in rural SA and when I went home to visit it was always a thrill to see Larry.

  3. Yikes, I've never seen the Red Back Spider one before, I think even I'd have nightmares if I lived near that.
    I get to see the big pelican at least once a week. He's only 5 mins away.

  4. This puts a lie to the saying "Small is beautiful"!

  5. Helsie, your selection is superb :). I wonder if there is a tourist guide to all the BIG things around the country? Would make a great family holiday. I didn't know about the big red back on the toilet (seat). There is the big mango in Bowen that everyone thinks looks upside down. The first ones I ever visited were the Big Cow and the Big Pineapple on the Sunshine Coast. Got pics in front of the Big Guitar in Tamworth. And of course James Cook is here in Cairns. Adrian suggested that the Opera House looks like a Big Armadillo, but I think that is stretching it a bit :)

  6. Following on from what Carol said above, I only discovered these Aussie 'Big Things' after hearing about a tour one can take that visits just about every one in two weeks!!

    The Ram is really rather good, isn't it.

  7. The big things really are funny. I visited the biggest cup of coke here in California. I guess size really does matter!

  8. Oh these are something else. What a great collection. I would buy that dunny if I had anywhere to put it. I'd LOVE that in my garden. Maybe those years |I spent in Australia as a kid have rubbed off on me somehow :)

  9. On the hunt for that tour that Cro writes about. I can't imagine how you would get around the country in two weeks. Years ago, friends drove around Australia in 6 weeks and I thought that was crazy. But came acros this on Wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Australia's_big_things

  10. Goodness me! What a spectacle! Wouldn't want to get too close to the spider though ;-) Ros

  11. I really wanted to make a snarky comment about that spider on the outhouse. But I won't. I'll just say what I really think and that is I LOVE IT! And I love the one on the water tower. It reminds me of the baby song about the itsy bitsy spider. The thing is I don't even like spiders. I won't kill them unless I have to or they insist on crawling around on my body. But anyway the spiders are my favorite and if I ever have to go to a shrink (which is likely) I'll ask him why.

    I like all the other things too. Attractions are great.