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Tuesday, August 20, 2013


It's been over two months since we returned from our wonderful holiday in France and Switzerland.

Most of the time that seems like ages and we've been fairly rapidly plunged back into activities associated with supporting our three elderly parents.

Last week was especially busy with ongoing medical support for Tony's mother and a visit from her sister who stayed with us for a couple of days.

No sooner were the sheets washed and the bed remade than we had a visit from Mum and Dad for the occasion of Dad's sister's 90th birthday celebrations on Sunday.
It's lovely to see them all together and a little sad to think that this could be the last time as travelling is becoming harder for all of them.

91, 90, 87 and 82 !

Now that they have all left and we have recovered from what we have been calling Oldies Week I thought I would show you the latest bit of home decoration I have put up on the wall.

It's a momento of our holiday.

We managed to purchase, at the Fayence village market, a set of water colours of scenes painted in the little hill top villages in the area.
Armed with these we set out to capture those scenes with our camera with the thought that we might frame them together.

This is the result.

Painted scene on the left and photo on the right.

Painting top and photo bottom

They've turned out rather nicely and they now have pride of place ......

in the loo !!!!

I'm working on  a couple of photos for my bedroom wall now.
I took lots of photos with this project in mind so I have not made a definite decision yet but here are a few of the candidates.


I'm going for a bit of a French Provincial look in there and I have two very nice frames done in that milk paint look.



I'm leaning towards 1 and 2
What do you think?
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  1. For me, 2 and 6 are such lovely reminders of being in France.

  2. My choice would be 2. You are a really good photographer and seeing those paintings and photographs side by side made me think, at first, that a painting can show something that a photograph cannot. Then I thought, well, the photograph shows the scene in a way the painting doesn't. Putting them side by side was a great idea. It makes them both more interesting.

  3. Great idea Helen. I too, like 2 and 6 .

  4. I hope I look half as good when I am the age of your family!!!

    I'd say definitely photo 2 for the bedroom.

  5. I'd go for numbers 2 and 6 for the bedroom. I love what you did with the watercolours and their matching photos! I'm doing a similar thing based on a Peak District calendar, a blog post each month called Calendar Walk --- in which I visit a scene pictured in a watercolour calendar and photograph the same view!

  6. I like 2 and 4 best ...

    You have to have something interesting to look at in the loo!

  7. Aren't those Provencal fountains so beautiful! Manon des Sources etc.

    My vote is for No 2; just everyday France.