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Tuesday, October 26, 2010



  1. Oh my goodness...number two done already?

    Lovely. You're getting into this arent you?

  2. Very well done Helen. I have worked out how to email you - so you should have had a message from me with my email address x

  3. I am wordless on wordless wednesday ! Now I know what was happening behind the locked door in the spare room. I should of guessed from the amount of cursing I could hear. Well done sweetie !

  4. Crank'n them out now are you. So glad you have join the yarn fold. WOW... and the hubbie even commented, now that's one special guy. Can I send Scooter for some training.

  5. Its me again! I have resent email to you. You can try to contact me in case it doesn't work. Go to your blogger dashboard and click on your followers - find me in amongst them and click on me. Then click on send a message and it should come up with a template for you to email me! Good Luck sorry it seems to be such a pain! we will get there in the end!

  6. Another goodie, I wonder who it's going to!?