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Thursday, October 28, 2010


My second quilt is coming along.
Most of the blocks are finished and now comes the hard part of trying to place them in rows.

Here they are all spread out on the spare bed in the guest bedroom.

These are not my usual colours and I 'm not really overjoyed at the resulting blend of colours but these colours are very "in" at the moment.

Wouldn't you know I'm one block short and I've run out of material so it's off to buy some more before  I join up the rows and columns!!



  1. If you don't like it you can send it my way, I think it's absolutely gorgeous.
    PS Before you send it to me can you quilt it please :), I have decided I do not like the actual quilting part of quilting. I'm just going to have to make lots and lots of quilt tops.

  2. Glad you like it Marg. I hope it will come together OK. I think I'll cheat and pay to have it quilted. Don't think I'm up to handling it myself.

  3. I'm with Marg. The colours are gorgeous. This might be one of those quilts you adore when it's quilted Helsie.

    (I'll swap you this one for the pastel one I'm in the middle of making that I'm not so keen on !) Isnt it interesting that certain colour combos speak to us and others leave us feeling so so ?

  4. Just where do you find the time. Love it. But, why is it always the colors that we are not into that are "in" right now. And the bright colors are the last we ACTUALLY wear. This is coming along so nicely.

  5. is it for your guest room? it certainly "goes" in there. My favourite colour is purple, but you never see that as fashionable for home furnishings ha ha

  6. I with the others on the colour combo - I love it. Perhaps it's because you have been looking at it for so long that you don't see it the same as we do. I am sure you will love it when it's done and you may have to have a raffle if not as I'd love it too!!!! I am impressed at your skill and speed - I think it would take me longer than I have left on this earth to do one as big as that!!

    Jane x

  7. I think it is lovely Helen, and the colour combo is gentle and soothing. Good news, I have set up a new email address and now you can contact me - sorry for the delay! Email me at kimblesathome@gmail.com
    Hope it works this time!x

  8. I love your color combination, the quilt is looking great!

  9. Well I'm impressed by your quilt. The colours look nice. You must have oodles of patience. Could you make me a suit?

  10. It's wonderful Helsie. The colors are more modern, and as a traditional quilter it took me awhile to get used to them, but I'm really starting to like them. It's going to be a lovely quilt.