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Friday, October 8, 2010


A bit bright?
I'm using up any yarn that I have plus a little bit that I'm buying and trying to put my practice to a good purpose.
Just trying to follow patterns and get my tension right.
There are mistakes...
and the edges are a bit wonky...
 but I am really enjoying this crochet business.

One of the things I love about it is the way it grows so quickly
 ( I know I'm doing easy, repetitive stuff )
and with the weather we are having at the moment ( rainy and cool - 23C )
 it is a pleasure to sit ,
watch telly
(I actually can't take my eyes off the crochet yet so there's a lot of telly listening at the moment !!)
and crochet away.
When this little rug is the right size I'll try a different edging,
 then it will wing it's way to a Nursing Home for the elderly like the other one.
( a tiny Aussie branch of SIBOL  ? )

Hope it's not too bright for them.
Perhaps a Children's Hospital would be a better destination?



  1. I love your blanket and I don't think the colours are too bright for elderly folk. It's a very cheery colour combination and everyone needs cheery.
    This learning to crochet business is fab. isn't it?
    Enjoy your weekend.

  2. It's bright but gorgeous, I am sure it will be loved wherever it goes. You are really getting into the crochet now aren't you, it is addictive and I think very therapeutic (most of the time,)
    Hope your weekend is less damp!!!!

  3. It's lovely and why shouldn't elderly people enjoy bright as much as children? There is enough grey in their world so I should think something colourful like this would be just what the doctor ordered! (The old people's home I visit has purple chairs!)

    Glad you are getting so much enjoyment out of crochet - it is therapeutic isn't it the repetitiveness (is that a proper word?) of it?

    Jane x

  4. Hello there Helsie! The crocheting is looking good. The colours are great. The rug will brighten someone's day. Hope you are enjoying the weekend. Ros

  5. Way to crank out another stunner my friend. Looks like you are picking up your speed. Amazing how quick they go, isn't it.

  6. My goodness I know I've said there's no stopping you before but really, you're like the duracell bunny now. Fabulous colours, so cheerful and I vote the old people, they'll LOVE it!

  7. Wow Helsie , you arent mucking around! Second project on the go already.

    I love the colours. My most favourite crochet rugs are ones that are multi coloured. Yours looks like such a fun throw.

  8. Hi Helen - looks like you have the "hooking" bug ☺ and well done, you are working quickly. If you don't have a nursing home to send it to there is a Yahoo group - "Knitting For Brisbanes Needy" http://www.knittingforbrisbanesneedy.com/
    (hope the link works)run much the same as "Knit 4 Charities" who may be able to give you ideas. A lot of members are in both groups

  9. Oh Helen,
    Congratulations on your no. 2.
    I am absolutely over the moon the blanket is super.
    My blankets are bright enough aren't they? So I'm sure this one will be fine.
    I agree with you it grows so quickly.
    Dont you have silly health and safetys in Australia. We aren't allowed to give to Childrens Hospitals/Hospices.
    Yet Ladies knit and crochet for the premature babies. It doesn't make sense to me?
    Love Sue
    Keep up the good work.

  10. The colours are really lovely! I think you are doing really well for your second project. Well Done.

  11. 23C is cool! I don't think we got that high all summer here. Still, at least it's been quite a dry summer - I don't mind it cool but I hate if it rains ALL the time.
    Well done on your blanket, lots of work there.