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Tuesday, October 19, 2010


We've just found out we have some unwelcome visitors.
They look like this.

Of course we can't see them, they are hiding behind the wall of our third bedroom !
Yes they're TERMITES !
That's a word that strikes fear into any Australian's heart.
(I wrote about them once before here.)

They eat wood - the wood that holds your roof on your house or that your walls are made of......
and they are chomping away inside the wall in our third bedroom !!!!

We found these on the floor of the bedroom yesterday........

LOTS of them !!!

They are off to try to establish a new colony, I think.

We have had the experts out and the exterminators will be here at 7:00am tomorrow so I'll know more about how bad the damage is and how they got in there then.

All photos from the internet today

Wish us luck.,


  1. I do hope they haven't done too much damage and that the exterminator can get rid of them for you fast. We don't suffer from that problem here - one advantage of living in cooler climes perhaps - but I know that in parts of France they were a real problem. Bon courage and best of luck.


  2. Oh Helen I'm so sorry to hear that. Fingers crossed you found them before they have done too much damage.

  3. We never had to worry about termites in the Mid-west but we were surprised to learn that there are termites here in the Tri-state area of the USA (PA-DE-NJ). We had termite treatment around the house done a few years ago as a safety measure. Apparently there is a type of termite that eats the wood but doesn't live in the wood here. We thought termites were only a problem in the South here so it came as a surprise they could live this far north. Hope you caught yours in time!

  4. sorry to hear you haver termites, ewwwww, good luck!

  5. Well that sucks. I hope you have found them early on. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

    We have steel frames in our house and double brick so that's one thing we dont have to worry about.

  6. Crikey! we have woodworm here in England, which is quite common in old houses and can be treated reasonably easily. Do keep us posted in the battle against the beasts!

  7. Gosh Helen, that sounds serious! I feel for you it must be terrifying to think they are chomping their way through your lovely home - good luck in beating them!

  8. Crikey! Fingers crossed that you've found them before they've done too much damage. Keep us all posted.

  9. Keeping my fingers that the damage isn't too extensive!

  10. oh not good! and you don't have autumn-that sucks!

  11. Forgive me Helen, I'm not quite so sure now!

    "Forgot to say that you would fit in well Bernard 'cos you speak the lingo so well !!"

    First spiders! Wow!
    And now Termites! Wow & double Wow!

    Now thanks, I feel safer here.
    Frogs and slugs seem much safer to me. :)

    Cheers ....from safe Bernard, in England. :)

  12. Sorry,
    Perhaps, that should read..
    ..Bernard in safe England?

  13. Oh my goodness Helsie! That sounds pretty terrible! Hope you soon get things sorted so you don't have to do too much more worrying. Good luck. Ros

  14. I'm surprised they have gotten so far in a newish house. I thought the treatments would have stopped them for many, many, many years.