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Thursday, February 20, 2014


In my spare time,
while I'm watching TV,
I've been busy using up scraps of  wool  yarn to make granny squares.
All following the same
2 rows, 2 rows, 1 row
A perfect size to work on in this heat.

I've collected all these scraps from the Moggill CWA ladies who are busy knitting rugs, scarves and toys to donate to their many causes.

Random, contrasting colours

that create quite a pretty effect.

My pile has grown to about 70 four inch squares.

Add these to the other 30 crocheted by another member and we have enough for a good sized knee rug for the elderly people in our local Nursing Home
 and being so multi-coloured it will please the men who don't like the pretty, girly ones !


  1. a great use of the yarn and a lovely though - I'm sure the elderly recipients will appreciate it.

  2. Those are pretty and they look warm. That is a good thing you are doing. I can imagine the smiles on those old folk's faces when you take them in.

  3. Brilliant. Now all you have to do is sew them together eh?!

  4. Bright and cheerful, just perfect.

  5. Planning to donate the blanket to the old folks' home seems insensitive. What about Tony?

  6. Great effort Helen. Love your granny squares! I seriously wish I could crochet. Marg did try to teach me once but gave up in disgust!

  7. I should take up crocheting again, this heat is not conducive to quilting. I love making granny squares, they are fast and it's nice to make up wonderful colour combinations.