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Monday, February 17, 2014


Do you remember Scout?
She lives with Sally and now she's all grown up.
Scout's favourite place in the whole world is
the beach.
Where she lives on Queensland's beautiful Gold Coast there are special beaches that are set aside for people and their dogs.

Recently we spent some time with them on the beach.
Scout's favourite game is to catch the Frisbee.

She fixes the Frisbee with a Border Collie stare,

gets ready

and she's off !
She's good ! Catching them in mid-air

on the fly !

The Frisbee gets covered in sand.
Scout gets covered in sand too !

Back and forth, back and forth.
 She tears up and down the beach with her precious Frisbee.

Sometimes other dogs want to join in .....

  but she never surrenders that Frisbee

and when Sally throws it into the water

she just charges in after it !

She's a great swimmer.

Doesn't mind putting her head under water

and often Sally joins her for a swim.

We played for over an hour until she was completely worn out.

  Then we sat on the sand and watched what the other dogs were doing for fun.
 Doggie Heaven !


  1. Maybe that's the answer if you want a svelt figure like Scout's play frisbee for an hour every day! She's lovely!

    1. She is lovely Jane . She is the dog we have when we aren't getting any more dogs. We'll be babysitting her for all of March so she might help with a bit of weight loss before our holiday.

  2. Replies
    1. It was lovely to see everyone out enjoying the beach with their dogs.

  3. This is just great! While looking at this I realized why many people like dogs more than cats. I love my cat but there is nothing we can do together in the way of play.

    This made me feel good. Thanks!

    1. There's nothing to compare to the companionship of a pet is there David?

    2. No. Unfortunately I was near 60 years old when I realized that. And I still don't know how to explain to people who don't understand. I could say they love you unconditionally but I don't think that's really true. What is true is if you give them food and a little attention, they will appreciate it enormously and show you they do every day.

  4. Such a feel good post ! Dogs really know how to have a good time.

    I wish my dogs would play ball and frisbee ...neither of my dogs will retrieve a ball at all , so I cant see them catching a frisbee like Scout.

    1. Our old dogs Baker and Dash hated balls and such too Shay. I think you have to train them when they are young. It is nice to have the interaction with the Frisbee and borders need exercise.

  5. Border Collies are wonderful dogs.

    Regarding the last photo, I couldn't help thinking it was not just heaven for doggies!

    1. I put that photo in just for you Tom !!!

  6. Ha! Ha! Great pictures Helen! I can imagine a children's television series -not "Skippy the Bush Kangaroo" but "Scout the Border Collie". Kids would love it. Personally, I am not a big fan of dogs but if I ever had one it would definitely be a border collie. Such intelligent dogs - even when they are crazily chasing frisbees!

    1. It is a lovely breed YP. They have lovely soft natures too.

  7. I don't have a dog right now, but the last 3 I've had were Australians: 2 Queensland Heelers and a Kelpie. You guys make good dogs.