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Tuesday, March 4, 2014


What's going on ?

What's happening at my place?
1. Disaster averted !
I have been unable to get into my blogs!
Yes blogs, I have four on the go:
Helsie's Happenings
Helsie's Travels
Budget Baby Boomers' Travel Tips - abandoned but left sitting there
and Awesome Activities at Moggill - a CWA blog
Recently I have been unable to get into any of them.
When I signed in and clicked on Design to enter them I was faced with a blank page.
Nothing, just a white page with nothing on it!!
I tried my usual solution - rebooting the computer - no different.
I tried using another browser - no different.
I went away and came back the next day. Same thing.
I asked Tony .  No progress.
Finally, in desperation I asked two blogging buddies for help, the first step on going from blog to blog and putting the same comment on all of your blogs asking for help from any tech savvy bloggers out there.
Both of them set to work to find a solution for me and while Carol ( in Cairns ) was at work Sandy ( Tea Cup Lane ) found the solution for me !
Tony cleared my Cache and History and boom I'm back in business !
That's what I love about the world of Blogging.
When you have a problem your pals are always there to help you through.
Heartfelt thanks Sandy and Carol
2. Cooking
Recently there has not been much good stuff happening in my kitchen.
Tony and I have been dieting !!
Trying to get some weight off before our trip.
We both need it.
I need it more !
So we've been eating salads - easy enough in this weather - and not much else!
Needless to say Tony has lost twice as much as me !!!
I've been seeing people making bread out there in the blogging world.
Artisan, no-knead bread
in particular
( on this blog and this one )
and I just had to have a go.
WOW ! Just look at this !!!

Yes, it is as easy as they say !

and when you slice it ......
Lovely holey, bread with a chewy crust.
I'll be making it again !
3. A Visitor
Yes, Scout has come to stay for a month while Sally is on holidays.
She ( Sally ) is spending two weeks in New York and 2 weeks in Whistler skiing.
Scout 's making herself at home.
Too much at home sometimes!
Not allowed on the new chairs Scout !!
Scout's habit of early rising is taking its toll on Tony.

4. Another disaster !
Sally's bathroom renovation has been a disaster.
Incredibly poor workmanship and $9000 down the drain so Dad and cousin Ben to the rescue.
They are jackhammering it all up while she is on holiday and organising and supervising the repair.

5. Exercise !!!
In an effort to help with the weight loss drama I am now swimming 1000metres - 20 lengths  -one kilometre - twice a week at the local pool.
As the pool will be closing in three weeks time for the Winter this will not continue but then it might be cool enough to do a little walking in the evenings with Scout.
Suffice to say exercise and I are not friends !!!
and now finally the most exciting of all
6. An Engagement !
These two special people
my handsome son Brett ( do you think he looks a bit like Bear Grills ???) and his lovely girlfriend and partner for about 6 years, Sarah
have finally decided to get married later in the year.
We are so happy for them and delighted to have Sarah an official member of the family.
So that's what been happening here !


  1. Helsie, it was just fun reading all this and seeing the pictures. I can relate to not being able to get to a particular website. For an entire day I couldn't get to Schwab's website and my browser was doing the same thing yours did - just showing a blank screen. I had switched from Chrome to Firefox browser. I'm still not sure what fixed it but I finally deleted all the cookies and all the history.

    Best of luck with the diet! Still, nutrition is more important than losing weight. Not only physical but mental problems can develop and have awful consequences. Your body needs all kinds of food including that great looking bread. :)

    It must be a joy having Scout for a few days. Hope you are taking him to the beach. :)

    Brett is better looking than Bear and his fiancee is beautiful. Best of luck to them!

    1. So nice to see you are still around visiting David. Thanks for the kind comments, you're always so positive!

  2. Glad you got your blogger troubles sorted. Congratulations to Brett and Sarah!

    1. Thanks Louise, I'm glad about both of those things too!

  3. Congratulations to Brett and Sarah.
    I used to make Artisan bread, it was delicious and so easy.......but, I put on weight because it was so moreish and I ate too much. Just saying!
    Terrible news about the bathroom, unfortunately there are a lot of shonky tradesmen out there. I've even used tradesmen recommended to me by friends who have been a total disaster.

    1. I get what you are saying about the bread Marg. Tried to give it all to Tony but just wanted to give it a go. Now I know it turns out so easily I'll put it into the recipe file.

  4. Thank goodness you were able to solve the puzzle of the missing blogs. Welcome back.

    I wouldn’t have been able to pass up the bread – diet or no diet . Its looks delicious.

    And congratulations to Brett and Sarah on the impending nuptials!

    1. I was very worried about losing access to my blog Shay but I knew there would be a techno whiz out there in blog land who could help me !!

  5. Your house and front yard are gorgeous, your Artisan no-knead bread is gorgeous, Scout is gorgeous, Brett and Sarah are gorgeous, even Tony's bum is gorgeous. Only Sally's bathroom is not gorgeous, but I'm sure it will be taken care of before she gets back.

    1. Yes Robert all in my world is lovely..... or will be very soon !!

  6. That is wonderful news about your son's engagement Helen. Congratulations to them.