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Monday, June 17, 2013


By Queensland standards last night was cold.

It probably got down to about 5 degrees Celcius.

Of course that was when I was tucked up warmly under my doona ( duvet) and fast asleep but never-the-less it was still quite chilly when I finally forced myself to emerge at about 8:30am this morning.
You see we don't heat our homes and we have large airy rooms for the hot weather and cold tiled floors.
Anyhow 8:30am is a scandlous time to get out of bed here in Queensland.
 As a rule we're early risers but that's one of the joys of being retired.

The sky was blue, blue, blue and the air was crisp and there was an exhibition of old Quilts from the UK on show at the Art Gallery as well as an exhibition of newspaper photography at the Powerhouse Gallery so we rugged up and set off using our usual mode of transport to the city.

Once we were in the city we made our way to the Art Gallery which is right on the river when we  came upon this!

We've never noticed before but we have our own little glass pyramid just likle the Louvre in Paris !!

Well yes, I know it's a bit smaller !!!

The quilts were very interesting and showed that we are still using  many of the same designs that have been used for centuries.
There was even a quilt that had been made by female convicts on their voyage to the penal colony in Van Dieman's Land ( Tasmania ).

By now the temperature was about 18 degrees and walking along the river was very pleasant indeed.

A few people out exercising were in short sleeves but most Queenslanders were rugged up in jumpers, coats and boots for a cold Queensland day!
 We do Winter rather well here in sunny Queensland.

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  1. Oh my goodness, we haven't got 18 degrees here and it's supposed to be summer!!!
    Kathy x

  2. You sure do do winter well there it isn't that warm here and it's supposed to be summer as Kathy says!! I don't think it was as cool as 5 degrees last night though. If our winters were like yours I doubt any of us would suffer the winter blues! Mind you even though it's not that warm here just now we do have about 18 hours of daylight just now which is great and sets us up for winter when daylight lasts for about 8 hours. Vive la difference eh?!

  3. Is that the V&A exhibition? I remember seeing the prisoners one in that a few years ago. I remember how modern some of the fabrics seemed as well.

  4. Despite the sun yesterday it was cold here too ...and the nights have been decidedly chilly. 5 degrees is really cold for your part of the world though.

    I hope that quilt exhibition makes it here - I'd love to see it.

  5. Hang on there Helen, I know what a boomerang is and a billabong is a kind of watering hole but I thought "doona" was an Aussie word for a husband - as in "I was tucked up warmly under my doona".

  6. Winter indeed! It's always nice hearing about your days out.

  7. Your pics of Brisbane Helsie, make me a tad 'home sick'. I lived in Bisbane for 13 years at Wilston, my son was born there and by brother and his family are still there at Enoggera.