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Monday, June 3, 2013


When you live in a country as big as Australia even traveling around the country can involve long hours on an aeroplane.

From Brisbane to Melbourne takes about 2 hours and
Brisbane to Perth takes 6 hours.

So contemplating a trip to Europe or the UK means facing up to a looooong time on an aeroplane.

Seven + hours to Singapore
Three hours at Singapore airport
Then another thirteen hours till your final destination.

That's about 24 hours ! traveling time.

These two items are my traveling lifesavers.

My neck collar.

 Notice it's a bit flatish instead of the usual rounded shape.
There's no way that I can use a brand new, fully puffed up one of these,  my neck's just not long enough.
This is my trusty squashed-at-home one.
I learnt the first time I tried to use it that it needed squishing down a bit before it would be comfortable and I worked on it at home until it was comfortable to sit in a chair with it propping up my head.
Now it's perfect !

This fantastic gadget is a set of noise cancelling earplugs.

It has a two pronged jack that goes into the arm of your seat for listening to movies or music
or a single jack that goes into an ipod for music or a talking book.

Inside the main part that is about the size of a biro there is a AAA battery and when it's switched on it shuts out about 85% of outside noise.

That means that awful, ever present sound of the plane's engine almost disappears while you watch a movie or listen to music and while away the long hours sitting in your seat.

It also helps to block out the noise of crying babies if you have the bad luck to have them near you on your flight.

You might even get a few hour's sleep and arrive at your destination ready for adventure!

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  1. I think it would take more than those two gadgets to get me on a flight that long! And the thought of having to do it all again to get back home ...well! But I am glad you enjoy traveling and that these help the not so good parts of the journey!

  2. I would just get pleasantly smashed in the lounge before departure and slip into unconsciousness on the 'plane. I once slept all the way through an in-flight emergency on an SAA flight from Lagos to Jo'burg when the 'plane caught fire, cabin staff were loosing off fire extinguishers and passengers were screaming. As we landed, I woke up (seat still in the upright position, I had fallen asleep even before take off) to hear the pilot announce, 'Well, you will all be aware we had a bit of an incident but we are safely down on the ground'. I hadn't a clue what he was talking about. The passenger next to me looked at me and said, 'Bloody Hell, I wish I could sleep like that!'

  3. So much fun as always to travel with my two favorite people in the world from the other side of the globe. But, I'm thinking you might just be happy to be back home after such a journey. Can't believe you now have a week with the "Ps" as we call them here. God bless you.

  4. I'd love those earphones! I'm on the lookout for an air cushion to sit on next time I fly to Thailand (13 hours). Despite my natural padding, my back side was aching :-O

  5. Surely you arent home already?

    My travel pillow is a must have essential item for any flight!

  6. I have the travel pillow too. I love it, when I'm too lazy to hold my head up!!!!

  7. I bought some noise canceling headphones last year, they were great. I wish I could sleep like Hippo. I hardly ever sleep on long haul flights. Although a couple of glasses of red seem to help a tad.

  8. Another vital item to have with you on a long plane flight is a good book - or am I a teeny bit old-fashioned? A wicker picnic hamper with a few cans of Tetley's bitter, sausage sandwiches, scotch eggs and jam tarts is also a handy extra.

  9. Thanks for your lovely comments Helsie!
    Flying around the World I don't even have to get on a plane! Never flown myself. My nephew is just flying back now as we speak from the States. He's been travelling for 6 months. Be nice to have him home.
    Glad you enjoyed your trip. Loved the photos.
    Love Suex

  10. I believe there are planes already on the production lines that will cut the trip to about 6 hrs. With 2 of my children living in Oz, that might even tempt ME!