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Monday, June 10, 2013


Since we've been home it's been go, go, go.

We'd only been home a couple of days when my parents came to stay.

Dad had a checkup at the hospital ( all fine thanks ! ) and they decided to stay for the rest of the week to catch up with all our news.
Lovely to see them and great that they are well
I think I'm ready for another holiday after all those meals and cups of tea !!!

While they were here we were also babysitting

Sally's 5 month old Border Collie puppy,

a positive dynamo

who quickly made herself at home
and won our hearts ( and wore us out with her early mornings !!!).

Today I've been baking for a morning tea with friends where traditionally we try out new recipes.

I tried out these two and both were a success.
It's ages since I included any cooking in this blog so I though I'd show them to you.

The first one is Lemony Squares, a sort of lemony version of a brownie.

The mixture is quite runny but the end product is dense and lemony.

I found the recipe here.

The next one is meant for a brunch/ breakfast dish but I've wanted to try it for ages so I cut it into smallish pieces and it provided a savory slice to balance all the sweet stuff at morning tea.

It has a base of cooked Hash Browns and was quick and very easy to assemble.

( sorry we ate it all before I remembered to take a photo !)

Another winner and I found it here.

So hopefully life will get back to normal soon.
There are thousands of photos to organise into Movie Makers and a holiday photo book to make using Blurb too.
I have an idea for new blog about traveling germinating in my brain too.....

and of course another holiday to start to dream on and research!


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  1. I always find it's down to earth with a bump after a lovely holiday. That little pup is a cutie, but hard work I'm sure.
    Kathy x

  2. Sounds like you hit the ground running there! Take time to relax like Tony and the pup somewhere along the line!!

  3. Life doesn't seem to slow down does it. You get home from holidays and BAM you're are in the thick of it again.
    I'm glad your Dad is well and your Mum too. I'm just thinking elderly people and a lively puppy isn't necessarily a good mix. :)
    The lemony squares look delicious and one I'm going to add to my book. Thanks for sharing.
    Anne xx

  4. OMG my mouth is watering!! I love lemon cake and that breakfast dish looks divine.
    I giggled at Tony and the pup, it's a familiar sight in our house :-D

  5. Wow!! You are a busy lady!! Cute puppy!! Soon everyone will leave and you will have your well deserved peace.

  6. Welcome back. Glad to see you are going to finally find some time to relax. Those dishes look yummy. So glad to follow you on FB too, as I think this blog thing is going to get complicated with google reader going away.

  7. Im glad your Dad's check up was all OK. Having house guests is always a busy time. My folks have just visited too.

    Scout is gorgeous and looks full of mischief.

    I made lemon brownies a while back too. I liked them a lot!Yours look wonderful.

  8. I was so pleased to see your Granny throw on the Bed! Looks lovely and your baking superb! Yummy!
    Love and best wishes Suex

  9. Oh dear - the fourth picture! I didn't realise that Tony had passed away peacefully at home. My sincere condolences but the lemon brownie looked yummy. Pity Tony will never get to try it.

  10. Hello there! Glad you had great times away. That little pup is adorable!!! Im now going in search of those recipes, as both look delicious! Ros

  11. What a cute doggie!
    Oh, Helsie, you have been making such delicious food, as ever. Both look so tasty I ca almost taste them from here.

  12. I meant to say I am very glad your parents are still OK. I know you felt it a bit risky going on holiday. So glad you pulled it off.