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Thursday, May 16, 2013


When I research our holidays I use Google Earth a lot. I just pan out a bit from our proposed destination to see what I can find for us to see in the area.
This is how I found the Gorges Du Fier.
I'm so glad I did.

Today dawned dull and rainy. Not cold, just damp.
Fine drizzle that you get wet in, because you walk around in it thinking it's not raining enough to use an umbrella. A bit different to Aussie rain which likes to come down in a big downpour, get it over and done with and out comes the sun.

Not enough to stop us heading ten kilometres out of Annecy to the Gorges du Fier.

The Fier river cuts its way through a large outcrop of rock making a deep narrow gorge where the water rushes through.
A cleverly engineered walkway snakes its way through the gorge for 250metres, pinned to the walls and cantilevered over the river rushing below. It's quite narrow - one person wide- often with large bits of rock jutting out at difficult heights.

It's both beautiful and awe inspiring to see what nature can do but also to see what Man can do. Constructing this walkway must have been really something and there has been a walkway of sorts through this gorge since 1869 !
I'm pleased to say that the modern day version is strong and sturdy, supported by orange steel girders and steel handrails fixed into the rock walls.

We enjoyed it immensely and once again had it almost to ourselves.

Last day in Annecy tomorrow before we move on to Switzerland and more big mountains.



  1. I enjoyed this post very much - this is my kind of place, I'd love a walk there.

  2. An amazing discovery Helen and thanks for sharing it with us. Again you demonstrate that good internet research can really enhance holiday pleasure. Have a great time in SDwitzerland. Will you be buying a cuckoo clock? It would look nice on the wall of your Brisbane kitchen and after a while it would surely drive Tony mad! Cuck-oo! Cuck-oo! Cuck-oo!