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Friday, May 10, 2013


Fayence is a little village is in the Var region of France - down in the south-east corner in the hills above Cannes. It is one of many villages in the area called "villages perches" because they are perched on top of hills. (Other such villages are Mons, Tourettes, Callian, Seillans, Montauroux and Tanneron -all close by ).
In all these villages houses cling to the hillside and very narrow lanes wind their way steeply to the top of the village where you usually find a huge church or sometimes a castle/chateau. These fortifications formed the basis of the defence of the village in times long ago and their hilltop situation gave them maximum protection from attack in those dangerous medieval times.The villages have changed very little over hundreds of years and are very picturesque.

Exploring their winding streets is a wonderful way to spend the day and the size of the free car parks that can be found in every village attests to their popularity with tourists, so timing your visit is obviously important. Our visit in early May allowed us to wander the winding lane ways virtually alone with only the company of the village residents and a few other tourists. Around every corner there was a photo opportunity as the impossibly narrow lanes snaked their way in all directions and pretty painted doorways decorated with pots of flowering plants broke the monotony of the mainly cream or butter coloured walls that towered all around you, sometimes four storeys high, only broken here and there by small shutter-bordered windows in blues, greens and aqua colours.

When you've had your fill of climbing round these lane ways and the memory card in your digital camera is full, there are the cafes to visit. Plenty of them ! Arrive at lunchtime and you'll find the cafes rapidly filling as the French do what they do best .....FOOD ! Often perched under a shady tree or occupying a tiny section of flattish space these cafes serve up delicious food usually at economical prices and a plat du jour offering of two courses can often be had for under 20euros. Lingering there, savouring the food and then soaking up the atmosphere is one of the great joys of holidaying in France.
If all you want is a baguette, then there is usually a boulangerie nearby to cater for your needs and it will be a taste sensation too!
But the lovely hilltop villages are not all the area has to offer. Cannes and the Cote D'Azur is but a 40 minute drive away. Magnificent stretches of coastline stretch in both directions with even more to fill your memory bank as well as your memory card. Take a train to Nice or Monaco for the day to minimise the traffic and parking hassles but return to your quiet haven on a beautiful hilltop for a delightful late dinner on the balcony of a wonderful restaurant cafe where the pace is slow and calm.

Truly a holiday destination not to be missed !


  1. Looks as if you are having a wonderful time!

  2. Much as I love Paris, and I do, I prefer the scruffy little hill villages in the South of France. I love their cobbled streets, ancient buildings and fountains on every corner. I love the way time has no meaning and you just have to slow your pace down. Nice is great once in a while but it's far too busy, and Monaco is just like Disney. it looks like someone has swept up with a handbrush, and clipped everything with nail scissors.
    Give me the old villages every time!
    it looks like you're having a wonderful time. I'm very jealous. xxx

  3. Looks absolutely marvelous! Glad you're having a wonderful time.

  4. Absolutely delightful! before I'd even read the post, I knew it had to be France.

  5. Your photos are bringing back so many memories of our trip last year. Enjoy every moment.
    Anne xx