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Wednesday, September 26, 2012


We're really into Spring here in sunny Queensland.
In fact the temperatures have jumped very quickly into the high twenties.
It's time to get ready for all those Summer BBQs.

Our outdoor garden room ( that's our posh name for it anyway ) is in need of a spruce up to make it a cool, inviting spot to entertain over the Summer months.

It's looking rather bare - more of a garden look required.

I've started gathering plants to add more greenery...

and a splash of colour too if possible.

Out through the shutters you can see the back garden.
Thank Heavens for flowering native plants that don't mind the dry weather ( no rain for over 2 months now )
 This pretty plant that we call  "Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow" is filling the air with a beautiful scent

It started off yesterday with a purple flowers which fade today until tomorrow they are white.
They are really struggling in the dry weather and some plants are flowering very sparsely  indeed.

But then there's the hardy bouganvillea making a great show.
They love dry weather and neglect..... just right for our garden !!!!

( note our poor brown lawn )

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  1. What a lovely home you must have Helen - that garden room is delightful. I am quie envious of those of you in the southern hemisphere who talk of spring and summer when we here are rapidly descending into autumn and winter! Today though is a lovely sunny autumn day after rain, rain and more rain together with much flooding though we luckily haven't been affected by floods - yet! Those colourful flowering plants looks so cheery too.

  2. Lovely garden room, it looks ready for summer! My yest/today/tom hasn't flowered and its regularly watered, but yours looks fab! Hopefully it will rain this weekend :)

  3. what a lovely spacious and light room (just right for quilting!).
    I think you're right about the plants they really make a difference.

  4. Your outdoor garden room is lovely. It looks cool and inviting, just what you need on those hot and humid days you have up there. Your garden is looking speccy too despite the lack of rain.
    Anne xx

  5. I love your garden room, I visualize me sitting there enjoying all the beauty around me!!! Happy Spring!!

  6. Uh oh, spring in Oz. Time for me to start stacking wood in the shed up here in California.

  7. lovely garden room. I think I'd call it the sun room. so bright. lovely.

  8. Gorgeous flowers! What a great plant, changing colour so beautifully! Found your blog though Carina's Craftblog x