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Monday, September 17, 2012


Apparently it's International  Book Week so let's try this:
Grab the book you are currently reading,
 turn to page 52,
 comment with the 5th sentence.
 Then tell us the title and the author. 

My turn first:

 "Just as it had been last night but now exposed as truth in the light of day."
 The Snow Child by  Eowyn Ivey



  1. "He asked me for the seal, and then, lifting it up,he began to explain its meaning"
    The Harbinger by Nathan Cahn

  2. Finished one last night so not currently reading anything yet! Glad you are reading the Snow Child - hope you are enjoying it?

  3. I'm reading more than one as always so I've just picked the closest book...

    Here's the fifth sentence...

    "Wait a little!" Said he and put the orb under his arm, so that he could reach out his hand to John

    It's from The Travelling Companion by Hans Christian Andersen as I'm currently reading a book of his tales.

  4. "A pretty Miss Williams with red hair had, for instance, been lecturing with great success on the influence of the Rosicurcians upon the poetry of Keats, while someone else had given a course on the influence of St. Thomas Aquinas upon Professor Huxley. Short Stories, Edith Wharton, The Pelican.

  5. Page 52 begins halfway through a sentence s d I count that as sentence 1? Or does it mean the 5th complete sentence? (Trust me!)

    I'll go for the first. If I'm wrong I'll come back tomorrow.

    ' "There were problems, so many problems, Henry, you just had to wait, this was the way" '

    Book: 'Self Help' by Edward Docx

  6. What a great idea Helsie!

    OK, here's mine. It's a long one, but a good one.

    "The little astronomy taught her at school used sometimes to set her imagination at work in a way that made her tremble; but always when someone joined her she recovered her indifference to the vastness in which she seems an exile; she found again her usual world in which her will was of some avail, and the religious nomenclature belonging to this world was no more identified for her with those uneasy impressions of awe than her uncle's surplices seen out of use at the rectory."


    'Daniel Deronda' by George Eliot.

  7. Sorry, not playing
    Very funny coincidence though :-)
    I just finished reading this. Loved it

  8. "Roosevelt's preparedness campaign therefore meant more than national defense."
    - "Fordlandia" by Greg Grandin

  9. "But is surprise is more intense than what we are generally able to conceive; for which his vision mounts guard in a state of alarm at the gate of his imagination, his sensitivity suffers a shock and registers the incident, however trivial it may be or seem, and automatically touches off the flight of a new suggestion. "

  10. My Book was Picasso by Wilhelm Boeck and Jaime Sabartes