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Friday, September 28, 2012


He's back!

I think I mention him every year  but it's so good to hear he's still around and seemingly doing well.
Migaloo, the pure white humpback whale is back frolicking in the waters off the Gold Coast beaches east of Brisbane. 

Naturally these are not my photos.
Isn't he astounding?

Click  here  if you'd like to see a video taken yesterday of this lovely creature.



  1. Lovely - glad he is still OK. How long do whales live I wonder?

  2. I recently read they think he could be around for another 20 to 30 years, Jane.

  3. Wow, I'd love yo see this wonderful creature in real life!

  4. Lucky you, to get near enough to photograph. All I can say is Awesome!

  5. One of only 3 white whales is quite something. Are you going to have a go at a sighting? That would be so amazing.

  6. It's hard enough for albino human beings but to be an albino humpback whale must present unexpected difficulties. Good job he's at the top of the food chain or he'd be food for a predator himself.

  7. Lovely. I watched the video too.