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Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Oh dear, some of our Aussie swimmers have been disappointed with their swimming performances.

Not won the gold medals they thought they would...

There's been a lot of debate about nerves and hype and letting people down and tears when they are interviewed immediately after the race.

......and what do they blame???

"Stayed up too late on Twitter and Facebook !!! "

For heavens sake!

OK, so some of them didn't achieve what they thought they would.
I wish the media would leave them alone immediately after a race to regroup. Give them a little time to swallow their disappointment. Let their coaches do their jobs to get them back on track before they face the media

And  Pleeeease !!!

Athletes, throw the phones away till you've finished your events and concentrate on what you're there for ..............

 and if you give it your best and don't get the result you were hoping for we'll still cheer for you and support you no matter what !


  1. Well said my dear, only wish the media would take your advice.

  2. It must be so difficult to face the media immediately after a disappointment mustn't it? I hope they learn from these lessons if in fact Facebook and Twitter are to blame! Early bed and no mobiles for them tonight!

  3. The paparazzi have a lot to blame themselves for. All they want is some nasty comment for their papers.

  4. I hate the media being in their faces so quickly, whether they win or loose. It's too much!

  5. I totally agree with you . They should be allowed a little time to re-group and process what just happened. Sadly we live in a media age where the press love to report on raw emotion (good or bad)

  6. The whole Olympic Games thing leaves me cold.It is all about money and these Australian Athletes are heavily subsidized by Australian taxpayers and should be able to face the media and be gracious in defeat. Sorry I am not watching the Games where you wonder if if the Gold Medal winners are drug free and have won the medals with an unfair advantage. I will spend my time watching the Australian Rules Football where sportsmen do not have an unfair advantage, can face the media, be gracious in defeat and are not heavily subsidized by the Government. Goodbye Olympics !!

  7. I haven't watched any yet. Forgot to record the equestrian X country. Gerrr!!!
    If they have been spending too long on twitter and facebook they have only themselves to blame because neither is compulsory.
    Yes, I do hate lingering cameras refusing to turn away when people are clearly filling up. Even when they are asked to take the camera away, they don't. There's no dignity.
    I totally agree about grace in defeat. There can only be one winner so obviously all competitors goout there with a very good chance of not winning.