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Saturday, January 28, 2012


Firstly, I am surprised that many of you have not read these books.
They have been so popular here and most of my friends have read the whole series.
Admittedly we tend to pass these books around among ourselves.
( Make sure you read them in the correct order. )

I strongly advise you to give them a go if you like a good murder / mystery / drama.
( I 'd like to add that I found the beginning of the first one a bit difficult to get into but please persevere, it is worth it. )

Well, we've done it.
A great way to spend a rainy Saturday afternoon - a visit to the movies before the Saturday night crowds and lovely Thai on the way home.

VerdictFabulous !

More detail than the Swedish version, more depth to the characters and their relationships and best of all only one small change to the storyline from the book.

I think the rape scene was more harrowing in the Swedish version and the sex scenes a little more graphic in the Hollywood version ( surprisingly ).

This time we had Daniel Craig and Rooney Mara in the lead roles.

(the Hollywood Lisbeth  - strange bleached eyebrows )

Both casts were excellent and I still can't decide which was best.
They certainly got the look right for Lisbeth.

( the Swedish one )

I highly recommend the Hollywood version as well as the Swedish version
read the books first !



  1. They have been popular here too I see from the book reviews in the weekend papers over the last year or so but for some reason I just haven't got round to reading any of them but now I will now you have recommended them so highly!

  2. Interesting. I had heard that the American version was not so good.

  3. Great advise. We will go now. Pop by I have some links to the changes coming to Google and Blogger as of March 1. Not pretty, not pretty at all. Storming mad at big brother right now...but still giggling a little.

  4. Read the books ages ago (totally agree with the first book being difficult to get started) and of course went to see the Swedish version as soon as it was released and loved it. I hate when they make changes in movies to great books. Haven't been too keen to see the American version, but I may go yet

  5. I'm glad you enjoyed it. Sounds like you had a wonderful afternoon (I love Thai food !)

    Im popping this one on my DVD "To See" list.

  6. I read all 3 books and watched the Swedish version of the movie. Could not see why there needed to be an English version, though, and have also not been interested in seeing it. I did wonder if they used the same places to film, the Swedish version fit my visual picture quite well.