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Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Well, Summer has finally arrived unfortunately.
36 to 38 degrees all week so far.
We are holed up inside with the aircon full blast so we are managing fine.
So glad I no longer have to try to work in this type of weather.

This is a very busy time of year for my family with anniversaries, birthdays and Australia Day at the end of the month.
So the only thing happening here at the moment is cleaning ( in the cool aircon ).
Poo !

You know how I like that !

My Dad is about to turn 90 and so we have a party coming up in a couple of weeks
and so the cleanup and the planning begins !

On one of my many trips out to the bins this morning I spotted this pretty little fellow on the ground.

Of course in true blogging fashion I rushed inside for my camera.

I've never seen one before so I have no idea what it is.

Just a bug -- but a pretty one !

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  1. He is a very pretty beetle and I think it may be a type of Scarab beetle or Fiddler beetle. Check out this link where the following information comes from.

    The Fiddler Beetle or Rose Chafer is a dark brown scarab beetle with distinctive green or yellow markings in a violin shape. The abdomen is banded black and yellow or green. They are strong fliers and move from tree to tree to feed on nectar.

    Happy cleaning!! Not pleasant in very hot weather....

    Anne xx

  2. What a beautiful bug - isn't Nature amazing? Good luck with your cleaning especially in that heat - we had it that hot for one week when we were living in France and without air con all we did was sit indoors with the shutters closed and do nothing. It was the only time we have ever watched daytime TV! Bon courage and I hope your father's party is a great success.

  3. I've never seen one of those before either. Beautiful colour and pattern.
    The weather has been hot hot hot, at least the humidity was low today, phew.

  4. Oh well done Anne. I'm sure you are right and it was a Fiddler Beetle.

  5. I was thinking scarab beetle, but Anne beat me to it.

  6. Sure hope it's not some fancy neon form of what we call a Japanese Beetle. Watch you plants...

  7. Thank Goodness I'm not alone. I'm cleaning and organising this week too...

    I've never seen that type of bug before either ..I wonder if you just discovered a new species!