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Friday, October 21, 2011


Today is my final instalment in the Quilt show saga.
Today's quilts were all in a section under the category called "Essence of Australia".

So here we go:

Something familiar to begin with - a gum tree.
A close -up shows you the detail of the work.

Iconic animal - so cute with those little bright, beady  eyes!

The machine stitch embellishing is fantastic.

An Outback scene

(Sorry this one is a bit blurry)

Aussie flowers

Well, this one could be anywhere but it is still very clever.

drumroll ..........

And the final one.

An absolute masterpiece, I thought.

Spectacular !!

Hope you've enjoyed them all.
I did !



  1. Love these quilts, especially the Gum Tree, which is not so familiar to me here in the UK!

  2. wow those are fantastic! There are some very talented quilters out there!

  3. You are right the last is a masterpiece. Probably my favorite too, maybe it just the blues and teals. Hard to believe these are all quilts, they look like paintings.

    Weekend Wishes. Hope to get up my over a rainbow later today, still waiting for the sun to hit the backyard. At least the rain finally stopped.