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Monday, October 17, 2011


My journey to learn how to patchwork has led me along a path I vowed I would not take.

I vowed I would never attempt to work with triangles.

Too hard !

But as usual I was tempted by a lovely item.

This is it - a lovely tablerunner.

To say that I didn't know what I was taking on is a HUGE understatement.

Not only did it involve

 Half Square Triangles
Quarter Square Triangles
too !!

I decided to make it a Christmas table runner and with guidance from some super talented  patchworkers with enormous amounts of patience I began. 

The cutting out left me with lots of triangles in three different materials which had to be sewn together in different combinations then recut to size ( and that's another story !!!).

Once all the bits were resized to 3 and a half inches the puzzle had to be put together

but that's not all !!

The bits had to line up !!!

The points had to match !!!

Intricate , multi-coloured bits ....

... slowly came together into   this ..

masterpiece of perfection.....,

... this triumph of sewing mastery !

How good is that ?

Of course along the way there was quite a bit of unpicking,

a fair bit of complaining

and just a little colourful language.

I'm thrilled with it so far.

I'll be back to show you the finished object.
I'll expect lots of praise as I absolutely amaze you with how clever I am.


PS. Huge thanks to my patient instructors
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  1. You took on a huge task there! Matching points is the hardest thing to do.
    It looks really lovely. Well done. Clap clap!!

  2. Lovley job Helsie, well done! I'm very impressed, I don't think I would have the patience.

  3. That is beautiful. You should be very proud!

  4. I said you were insane when you started this but I see you're managing to wrestle those triangles shapes into something seriously lovely!

    Im giving you a big whooooo hoooooooo. I'm really looking forward to seeing the finish. (So nice to know you use off colour words from time to time- I said a few this week too!)

  5. It's gorgeous. I would so love one exactly like it. You are wonderful, creative and very crafty :-) (adulation from afar, as I know I would be too petrified to try)

  6. Clever thing! So will my order be ready for Christmas? ...And please provide some examples of the colourful Australian language that accompanied your craft-work.

  7. Wow well done, a great accomplishment and very clever indeed. Only a little colourful language?

  8. Ah, but isn't it satisfying when you crack it. I love the design - it was worth all the aggro!

  9. http://www.ravelry.com/discuss/-sibol-/1850087/1-25

    Have a go Helen, and if any of my SIBOLETTES ARE PASSING THROUGH PLEASE DO!
    tHANK YOU! X

  10. You got that right. It truly is a masterpiece and will be perfect for the holiday table. I think the pattern is pure perfection. Keep doing the triangles they are stunning.

  11. Wow! It looks SOOOO complicated! Well done! I can't wait to see the finished article.

  12. Beautiful! Congrats on learning something new, you should get an A+++.